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Lennox Lewis's Quotes

Lennox Lewis profile photo

Born: 1965-09-02
Profession: Athlete
Nation: English
Biography of Lennox Lewis

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During the past 23 years, I have set a number of goals for myself and I'm proud to say that these goals have been achieved.

Tags: Number, Past, Proud

The fight will last as long as I allow it to last, and then I will knock him out.

Tags: Fight, Him, Last

After you win all these belts, you cannot fight all these mandatory guys.

Tags: After, Fight, Win

I always ask myself why old heavyweights come back, but I plan to stay out of the ring.

Tags: Old, Plan, Why

I don't have anything else to prove.

Tags: Else, Prove

I have been in there with all of them and there is nothing left for me to prove.

Tags: Left, Prove

I just want to complete my legacy.

Tags: Complete, Legacy

I wanted to prove I was the best fighter in the world.

Tags: Best, Fighter, Wanted

I've got a new life now, a new future, there's a lot more to Lennox Lewis than just being a boxer.

Tags: Boxer, Future, Life

I've worked hard and accomplished what I've accomplished in the heavyweight scene.

Tags: Hard, Scene, Worked

If I don't feel the same hunger as I once did then I definitely shouldn't box any more.

Tags: Definitely, Hunger, Once

If the media didn't know I played chess, there'd be no angle on me at all.

Tags: Chess, Media, Played

If the money's right, I'm happy to bust up the other side of his face... No problem.

Tags: Happy, Money, Problem

In boxing you create a strategy to beat each new opponent, it's just like chess.

Tags: Beat, Boxing, Create

It's not rage that drives me, it's competition.

Tags: Drives, Rage

My main goal was to win all the belts, and I have done that.

Tags: Done, Goal, Win

Now I am ready to set new goals and start a new career for myself outside of the ring.

Tags: Career, Ready, Start

People know I was the last true champion.

Tags: Champion, Last, True

So, I gave my belts out to others to give them a chance.

Tags: Chance, Give, Others

Whatever I do, I always want to get better.

Tags: Whatever

When you go into the other guy's backyard you cannot hope to win on points.

Tags: Cannot, Hope, Win

When you look back in history and see other fighters coming back, it's never really been good for them.

Tags: Coming, Good, History

You can just fight one man at a time.

Tags: Fight, Time
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The mission I set out on in the beginning - to become heavyweight champion of the world, undisputed, lineal champion - you could say that mission is complete.

Tags: Become, Beginning, Champion
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