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Lili Taylor's Quotes

Lili Taylor profile photo

Born: 1967-02-20
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Lili Taylor

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Cannes is a very strange place. I tried to show up as best I could and to try not to be cynical.

Tags: Best, Strange, Try

It's been very important for me to follow my gut or my heart, or whichever organ you want to go by.

Tags: Follow, Gut, Heart

As a woman, a lot of stories haven't been told and we've got a lot of catching up to do.

Tags: Catching, Stories, Woman

I do believe there's good in all of us, even if it's layered over so thickly.

Tags: Good, Layered

I like to play smart, three-dimensional women. I also like to play roles where the women are a little crazy. I just have a feel for crazy people.

Tags: Crazy, Smart, Women

I love Central Park. I spend a lot of time in there. I try and get in there whenever I can.

Tags: Love, Time, Try

I see my job as an actor to be as good a channel as I can be. Acting is a gift, and I have respect for it.

Tags: Good, Job, Respect

It's tricky to say 'never,' but I will never have plastic surgery.

Tags: Plastic, Surgery, Tricky

To do work that's not going to be fulfilling doesn't make sense.

Tags: Fulfilling, Sense, Work

Two things I'm trying to work on are openness and flexibility.

Tags: Openness, Trying, Work

We need art. We've been telling stories since the beginning. As human beings, we need it for our survival.

Tags: Art, Beginning, Human

When it's working, what acting is really about is getting into the essence of a moment in a creative, joyous way - through whatever frees you up.

Tags: Acting, Moment, Working

I felt that the biological clock was some myth to keep me from doing what I wanted to do. And so I rebelled against it in the '90s. I thought it was a backlasher, some sort of faulty data. But it's real. I'm glad I woke up before my body was just like 'uh-uh.'

Tags: Keep, Real, Thought

I guess the characters I play may be at the more destructive edge of the spectrum, more damaged or whatever, but I find a lot of female roles uninteresting.

Tags: Characters, May, Whatever

I tried to do the commercial thing. But I don't want to keep shoving Twinkies down everyone's throat. People are hungry for something of more substance.

Tags: Everyone, Keep, Tried

If someone puts up $100 million on a movie, they're gonna be concerned about whether they'll get it back. So they're not gonna make a movie about three girls, you know?

Tags: Someone, Three, Whether

The weird thing about this business - and I'm sure this operates in many other things, but it's very present and acute in this business - is that a lot of people don't realize that they have power. Particularly actors.

Tags: Business, Power, Sure

There's been a slow death in a way. On the positive side, there are films getting into the Academy Awards that wouldn't have, but on the negative side, financiers are now dominant and making all the decisions. I can't count the ways a director's vision is compromised.

Tags: Death, Negative, Positive

You can rest a lot in an hour or have a whole day and not do it properly. One way I get a quality recharge is to connect with nature. To experience something that's bigger than me.

Tags: Experience, Nature, Whole
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