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Lisa Loeb's Quotes

Lisa Loeb profile photo

Born: 1968-03-11
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Lisa Loeb

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Although my dad was a doctor, we weren't necessarily a super-artsy family. We were just a classic, traditional family who got to take a lot of piano lessons and became a bunch of musicians.

Tags: Dad, Family, Musicians

Dweezil and I are going on tour with the band probably starting in the middle of February for a month probably playing a few songs from my new record and then I'll continue on after that tour.

Tags: After, Few, Playing

I always find myself stopping to write down ideas of things I'd like to make from computer hardware items to things new moms need - inventions to share with others to make their lives more fun or interesting or easy.

Tags: Easy, Fun, Others

I didn't realize what an impact having a No. 1 single would have. It connects me with people of different ages, and I get to travel all over the world.

Tags: Realize, Single, Travel

I don't think I can tell any stories about how I lived in a van in Alaska. I grew up in the suburbs, I even had my own room. We weren't poor. Everything was very normal.

Tags: Normal, Poor, Tell

I have many memories of waking up to eat breakfast that my mother carefully prepared for us and her saying, what do y'all want for lunch, and as we're eating lunch, what do y'all want for dinner? It's always about the next meal.

Tags: Her, Mother, Saying

I think we were raised in a nice Texas Jewish family where education was the most important thing, and close behind that was the arts. It was emphasized and expected that we'd play piano.

Tags: Education, Family, Nice

I want children to be glued to interactive books that encourage singing and dancing. I feel when kids work together it brings about a different energy.

Tags: Children, Together, Work

I'm making a record that's half stripped down acoustic which is the way I perform a lot and half of it is very produced. It's really hard to keep music simple but I was trying to keep it simple and focus on one or two instruments and vocals.

Tags: Focus, Music, Simple

I've made music for grownups most of my life as a singer/songwriter - often with my band, Nine Stories - recorded many albums, and 10 years ago I started recording kid's music, too.

Tags: Life, Music, Often

One of the things that's influenced me musically was my experience at Brown University. I was surrounded by musicians that I really admired, and felt challenged to come up with music, lyrics, and recordings that stood up to the expectations of those musicians and myself.

Tags: Experience, Music, Musicians

Some people train for certain sports and I want to train to be able to hold a super heavy electric guitar and carry luggage around myself because I always have to have 7,000 pairs of shoes. Who cares about sports?

Tags: Able, Guitar, Sports

The guys in my band are great-we watch movies, we eat pizza, take walks, read books. Everybody has a really great sense of humor. And my boyfriend comes and visits me on the road.

Tags: Great, Humor, Movies

The Lisa Loeb Eyewear line was created to satisfy all of those people who always stop me and ask me where I get my glasses because they want some just like mine!

Tags: Ask, Line, Stop

The shows are so different from each other, depending on whether I play with my band, Nine Stories, other musicians, an orchestra, only one or two members of my band.

Tags: Band, Musicians, Whether

When I grew up we had gym at school, two or three dance classes after school, ice skating lessons, and all sorts of sports at our finger tips. We weren't glued to computers because they didn't exist, so being active was all we knew.

Tags: Computers, School, Sports

With my daughter, we do arts and crafts, we read a lot, we listen to music, and we cut the strings off balloons and bounce them around after birthday parties.

Tags: After, Birthday, Music

When someone asks if you'd like cake or pie, why not say you want cake and pie?

Tags: Birthday, Someone, Why

Where I grew up in Dallas, things might be a little more traditional. People have the same things in mind. They're supposed to grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, and have children, grandchildren. That's the world I grew up in.

Tags: Children, Job, Mind

There's a variety and depth to the song topics I get to write about in children's music and books: being able to write about things I wouldn't normally write about, like a disappointing pancake, or monsters or opposite day is really different than writing about heartbreak and relationships.

Tags: Children, Music, Writing
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Again, I don't hold it against somebody if they don't know who I am - I don't know who a lot of people are.

Tags: Again, Against, Somebody

Also, I'm always learning better and better how to prioritize and how to leave certain things for the next day.

Tags: Learning, Leave, Next

As a musician, you never understand why people connect with certain songs.

Tags: Songs, Understand, Why

I always wanted to make a children's album because you have the freedom to explore so many wonderful topics and sounds.

Tags: Children, Freedom, Wonderful

I don't use simple words. I make games and puzzles with my songs.

Tags: Games, Simple, Words

I eat fish and love bacon. Plus, I don't mind if soups are made with chicken or beef stock, I just don't like eating big pieces of meat.

Tags: Big, Love, Mind

I have three siblings. My sister makes music. My older brother is a classical conductor, and my younger brother is a mixing engineer.

Tags: Brother, Makes, Music

I love when people in culture show up on fictional TV shows. I don't mind at all being a name from the '90s.

Tags: Love, Mind, Show

I think a good mom is an awake mom. At least for me, I've always been a kinder, better person awake than sleep-deprived!

Tags: Awake, Good, Mom

I think people are always nostalgic for a time about 20 years before they were born.

Tags: Born, Nostalgic, Time

I use my cell phone as much as I can - I talk to friends all the time. I'm like 2,000 hours a month. It's crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Friends, Time

I want to work on some more complicated baking... and it would be interactive!

Tags: Baking, Work

I'm old-school. I want to be there to drop off my daughter at school and pick her up.

Tags: Her, Off, School

It's really hard to balance work and being a mother.

Tags: Hard, Mother, Work

My nutritionist always said to eat whatever you want.

Tags: Eat, Said, Whatever

My overnight success was really 15 years in the making. I'd been writing songs since I was 6 and playing in bands and performing since I was 14.

Tags: Making, Success, Writing

The only way to get vegetables at a diner late night is to order the omelette. A feta cheese and broccoli omelette.

Tags: Late, Night, Order

When I was a kid, for me, the '60s seemed so far away. But I was actually born in the late '60s.

Tags: Actually, Away, Far

Yeah, well, food is always a part of everything.

Tags: Food, Yeah

You should try to get what you want in life and try not to be limited.

Tags: Life, Limited, Try

A friend of mine once told me that I can't screw up when I play my own music. I also take voice lessons, play other peoples' songs out of music books, and occasionally figure out how to play other people's music from records. This keeps my ears, fingers, and mind working.

Tags: Friend, Mind, Music

Again, I'm used to speaking to a lot of people; I have a lot of friends and family, and I perform music and speak in front of a lot of crowds. So I share with people already a lot in my life.

Tags: Family, Life, Music

Boundary setting is really a huge part of time management.

Tags: Boundary, Management, Time

Even if you're ill, physical activity at a lower level will help you beat it.

Tags: Help, Level, Physical

There's no such thing as multitasking.

Tags: Energy, Time, Value

When people are entering a high-stress period, they don't sleep and don't exercise, but in fact, it should be just the opposite.

Tags: Exercise, Fact, Sleep

It's not how many hours you put in with a client or on a project. It's the quantity and quality of your energy - your focus and force - that determine whether that time is valuable.

Tags: Focus, Put, Time

The most important asset you need to protect in order to manage the demands of a job or an investment portfolio is your production of energy. And, just like with money, if you do a great job managing your energy, you'll get a great return.

Tags: Great, Job, Money
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