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Marcel Carne's Quotes

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Born: 1906-08-18
Profession: Director
Nation: French
Biography of Marcel Carne

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It's nice to know that people appreciate and respect you.

Tags: Appreciate, Nice, Respect

I don't know what they'll say when I die. I don't give a damn, but they'll probably cry.

Tags: Cry, Die, Give

A lot of people are upset that I'm not working. They say it's a disgrace.

Tags: Disgrace, Upset, Working

But I still always felt the absence of a mother.

Tags: Absence, Felt, Mother

For people to understand me when I travel, I speak with my hands.

Tags: Speak, Travel, Understand

I also won one from the emperor of Japan, with a prize for the arts. That's important.

Tags: Arts, Japan, Won

I think you never forget your childhood, whether it was happy or unhappy.

Tags: Forget, Happy, Unhappy

I was very nervous at the beginning of Hotel du Nord.

Tags: Beginning, Hotel, Nervous

If you do two versions of a film, they should be identical. With the same frames and settings.

Tags: Film, Frames, Identical

My father's sister never married in order to raise me.

Tags: Father, Married, Sister

The problem is that to be a producer, one must be a gambler, and the greatest French producers were gamblers.

Tags: Greatest, Problem, Producer

Well, I always run the risk of falling on my face, which has in fact happened.

Tags: Face, Fact, Risk

Well, you know, I'm much older than I look.

Tags: Older

When I last went to Italy, over two years ago, I had a lot more trouble understanding the language than I used to when I lived there for a year. I used to speak very little but I could understand very well.

Tags: Last, Speak, Understand
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