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Michael B. Jordan's Quotes

Michael B. Jordan profile photo

Born: 1987-02-09
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Michael B. Jordan

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Acting I'll do forever, but I want to produce and stuff as well.

Tags: Acting, Forever, Stuff

As an actor, you always dream of having material that showcases what you can do.

Tags: Actor, Dream, Material

Don't pretend to know everything. I've been blessed to work with a lot of veteran actors, and I soak up lessons from them like a sponge.

Tags: Blessed, Pretend, Work

Honestly, I want to do films. I want to make that move from actor to producer, like Will Smith.

Tags: Actor, Films, Move

I like the old '90s music.

Tags: Music, Old

I love sports. I've played basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, track and field growing up.

Tags: Baseball, Love, Sports

I want to do more films.

Tags: Films

I'm a comic book fan.

Tags: Book, Comic, Fan

I'm a tropical weather cruiser. I like surfing, you know. I like being on the beach.

Tags: Beach, Surfing, Weather

I've never been the kind of guy to hype myself up. It's just not my thing.

Tags: Guy, Hype

Never played football, but I'm an athlete. I'm a competitor.

Tags: Athlete, Football, Played

Playing a bad guy would be fun, I'm not going to lie. I'd definitely do that in a heartbeat, because it's so out of my nature.

Tags: Bad, Fun, Nature

That's one of the fun parts of becoming an actor: You can become whoever you want to be.

Tags: Actor, Become, Fun

Definitely, as I get older and my taste buds change, I want to do different things. I'm not ready for directing yet, you know, maybe when I get my big boy voice; I don't have that yet, but right now definitely producing for sure.

Tags: Big, Change, Older

I think everyone starts in the mailroom at some point! It's a right of passage. Your boss has to throw something at you and order you around for at least two years.

Tags: Boss, Everyone, Point

I was born in Orange County - in Santa Ana. My dad is from California. I was raised on the East Coast. My first two years were in California, but I claim East Coast. I'm sorry, I don't rep California.

Tags: Born, Dad, Sorry

I'm an athlete; I've got an ego when stunt doubles have to come in. Not an ego like that, but when it comes to physical stuff, if I didn't have to have a stunt double, I would always probably do it myself unless the producers were jumping in and stopping me.

Tags: Ego, Stuff, Unless

I'm not saying no to anything, at least as far as reading scripts. I don't care if it's television or films but, personally, I would say I'd like to establish myself more in film.

Tags: Care, Far, Saying

L.A. is cool. If I could have the rest of my family out there, I think it would make it that much better for me. As far as work and the weather, you can't really beat it. I just wish they had the New York social life out there. That would make it perfect.

Tags: Family, Life, Work

You start at a young age, going on auditions, and you think you did a good job and expect to get that role, and you don't, and it's a letdown, a disappointment. So you tell yourself to just do the work and disconnect, because you have no control over the outcome.

Tags: Age, Good, Work

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