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Vernon Jordan's Quotes

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Born: 1935-08-15
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Vernon Jordan

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What I know about this world is that white people will take care of themselves. And what I have learned is that if you are where they are on an equal basis, they cannot take care of themselves without taking care of you.

Tags: Cannot, Care, Learned

But there will come a time and a place to give back, and each individual will recognize that time and place.

Tags: Give, Place, Time

I'm here because I stand on many, many shoulders, and that's true of every black person I know who has achieved.

Tags: Black, Here, True

My mother was the president of the PTA at every school I attended.

Tags: Mother, President, School

September 11 stands on its own as a terrible tragedy.

Tags: Stands, Terrible, Tragedy

Terrorism is not new to black people.

Tags: Black, Terrorism

The last job I applied for was to be a bus driver for the Chicago Transit Authority in 1957.

Tags: Authority, Job, Last

You have to be careful how you're using the word boycott.

Tags: Careful, Using, Word

A lot of companies make diversity a part of the performance goals against which an executive gets paid. Just as you have to make a certain sales number, you have to make a diversity number to get your bonus.

Tags: Against, Goals, Number

Every company, every boardroom in which I sit, has a plan, and they have objectives, goals, and a process. And to make it work, the pressure and incentive have to come from the top.

Tags: Plan, Process, Work

I had a sense of what leadership meant and what it could do for you. So am I surprised that I am sitting up here on the 62nd floor of Rockefeller Plaza? No.

Tags: Here, Leadership, Sense
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