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I've found cinnamon to be very effective for lowering the glycemic response to meals. People have heard that before, but I didn't realize how profound it could be until I did the actual testing with continuous glucose monitors. And I tested all different varieties and species of cinnamon from Ceylon to Saigon.

Tags: Found, Realize, Until  ✍ Author: Timothy Ferriss

The monitors indicated that it was a credible election, I think, in an overall sense, it apparently is a free and fair election, so it's a real milestone and one of the things we can take some little confidence in.

Tags: Confidence, Free, Real  ✍ Author: Warren Christopher

The first eight songs we were using someone else's monitors and it is hard to follow the changes when you are jamming if you can't hear those who you are jamming with.

Tags: Else, Hard, Someone  ✍ Author: John Entwistle

I have studios in the different places where I live - in Ibiza, Paris and London - but they're not crazy studios, they're just rooms with good monitors, and all I do is plug my laptop in. It's a different way to make music, but for me, I love it, because it's more connected to the world.

Tags: Good, Love, Music  ✍ Author: David Guetta

In my home office, I have two large, 30-inch computer monitors - a Mac and a PC. They share the same mouse and keyboard, so I can type or copy and paste between them. I'll typically do Web stuff on the Mac and e-mail and chat stuff on the PC.

Tags: Between, Home, Office  ✍ Author: Matt Mullenweg

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