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The office of the public teacher is an unenviable and thankless one.

Tags: Public, Teacher  ✍ Author: Felix Adler

My country has contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.

Tags: Country, Invention  ✍ Author: John Adams

Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year and spends very little on office supplies.

Tags: America, Year  ✍ Author: Woody Allen

When we got into office, the thing that surprised me most was to find that things were just as bad as we'd been saying they were.

Tags: Bad, Saying  ✍ Author: John F. Kennedy

Difference of opinion is advantageous in religion. The several sects perform the office of a Censor - over each other.

Tags: Opinion, Religion  ✍ Author: Thomas Jefferson

The second office in the government is honorable and easy; the first is but a splendid misery.

Tags: Easy, Government  ✍ Author: Thomas Jefferson

His insomnia was so bad, he couldn't sleep during office hours.

Tags: Bad, Sleep  ✍ Author: Arthur Baer

In our civilization, and under our republican form of government, intelligence is so highly honored that it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of office.

Tags: Government, Republican  ✍ Author: Ambrose Bierce

Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.

Tags: Doctor, Medical  ✍ Author: Erma Bombeck

Most of the people who are in elective office in Washington, D.C., they have held public office before. How's that workin' for you?

Tags: Public, Washington  ✍ Author: Herman Cain

The office has oversight of people who do analysis and oversight of people who do operations, but it is not charged with doing either. That is an important point to make. Those functions are performed by the CIA, DIA and other agencies.

Tags: Either, Point  ✍ Author: Christian Camargo

We've complemented that with a second office to think about how we need to prepare ourselves for that period 10 or 15 or 20 years from now, by way of investment in our technology, our organization and our people.

Tags: Ourselves, Technology  ✍ Author: Christian Camargo

My issue in the past with nudity was that these scenes had been written solely for box office draw.

Tags: Past, Written  ✍ Author: Neve Campbell

Instead of being concerned that you have no office, be concerned to think how you may fit yourself for office. Instead of being concerned that you are not known, seek to be worthy of being known.

Tags: May, Yourself  ✍ Author: Paulo Coelho

The Democratic Party of California is ready to sponsor me. All I have to do is find the right office to run for.

Tags: Ready, Run  ✍ Author: Bobby Darin

A distinguished producer called Kenith Trodd actually lived in his office for over a year - the cleaners refused to go in because it was such a tip.

Tags: Actually, Year  ✍ Author: Andrew Davies

An office occupation is another example as not only douse it disrupt the activities of the organization it also can raise the media profile of the campaign.

Tags: Another, Media  ✍ Author: Anthony Edwards

I reckon this could mean another 10 million at the box office.

Tags: Another, Mean  ✍ Author: Blake Edwards

I wake about 1 a.m. I'm in the office by 2 a.m. We're on the air at 5.

Tags: Air, Wake  ✍ Author: Bob Edwards

Although we have do not have adequate access to all parts of Darfur we do fortunately have humanitarian personnel, including staff from my own office, in each of the three provincial capitals of Darfur.

Tags: Darfur, Three  ✍ Author: Jan Egeland

No one should ever sit in this office over 70 years old, and that I know.

Tags: Old, Sit  ✍ Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower

I am immersed in architecture all day, working in my office or teaching.

Tags: Teaching, Working  ✍ Author: Peter Eisenman
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Whenever I grump when the alarm goes off, it's immediately replaced by, 'But I get to leave my office at 11 A.M. and be with my daughter all day.'

Tags: Leave, Off  ✍ Author: Josh Elliott

I thought I could make a difference, so I ran for office.

Tags: Difference, Thought  ✍ Author: Mary Fallin

I broke up the band in the office in Gerrard Street.

Tags: Band, Street  ✍ Author: Georgie Fame

If a trip is worth taking, members of Congress should be prepared to justify paying for it out of their office accounts.

Tags: Congress, Worth  ✍ Author: Russ Feingold

I don't think running for office is anything I'm prepared for or could even prepare myself for.

Tags: Prepared, Running  ✍ Author: America Ferrera

There's already been black presidents who've been corrupt, so it doesn't strike me that having a black man in office means he's going to be the Messiah.

Tags: Black, Means  ✍ Author: Lupe Fiasco

My background is advertising: I moved to New York from London in 1998 to start up the U.S. office of ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Tags: Start, York  ✍ Author: Cindy Gallop

Those who insist on the dignity of their office show they have not deserved it.

Tags: Dignity, Show  ✍ Author: Baltasar Gracian

It was my fortune, or misfortune, to be called to the office of Chief Executive without any previous political training.

Tags: Political, Training  ✍ Author: Ulysses S. Grant

And now for Return to Flight, I'm chief of robotics working in the astronaut office in Houston, as a Canadian.

Tags: Return, Working  ✍ Author: Chris Hadfield

I can't focus when there's too many things around. Whenever I used to go to the office, I used to always say, 'Tidy up.'

Tags: Focus, Used  ✍ Author: Zaha Hadid

You don't leave behind box office scores or how many dollars changed hands.

Tags: Behind, Leave  ✍ Author: Alex Van Halen

I'm not one of those professors whose office is encased floor-to-ceiling with books. By the way, I think academics do this to intimidate their visitors.

Tags: Books, Whose  ✍ Author: Ayumi Hamasaki

Official dignity tends to increase in inverse ratio to the importance of the country in which the office is held.

Tags: Country, Dignity  ✍ Author: Aldous Huxley

One of the things the government can't do is run anything. The only things our government runs are the post office and the railroads, and both of them are bankrupt.

Tags: Both, Government  ✍ Author: Lee Iacocca

President Bush should be indicted and should be driven out of office. He should be sent back home in Texas.

Tags: Home, President  ✍ Author: Bianca Jagger

The school-room sends men to the Legislature, to the bench, and the executive office. The bar-room sends them to the scaffold and hell.

Tags: Hell, Men  ✍ Author: Thomas Jordan Jarvis

There is no office now closed to a Jew, including the presidency.

Tags: Closed, Presidency  ✍ Author: Jacob K. Javits

There are no favorites in my office. I treat them all with the same general inconsideration.

Tags: General, Treat  ✍ Author: Lyndon B. Johnson

In terms of my Indianness, I try not to rely on it nor deny it. When it comes up organically in my writing, we can address it. About five years ago, we wrote this episode of 'The Office,' called 'Diwali,' which seemed like an organic way of using it.

Tags: Try, Writing  ✍ Author: Mindy Kaling

I have my whole office set-up at waist level; I don't sit at all during the day. Sitting, to me, is the devil.

Tags: Devil, Whole  ✍ Author: Dean Karnazes

Office hours are from 12 to 1 with an hour off for lunch.

Tags: Lunch, Off  ✍ Author: George S. Kaufman

The longer I am out of office, the more infallible I appear to myself.

Tags: Appear, Longer  ✍ Author: Henry A. Kissinger

My office in New York is overflowing with all kinds of cookbooks, and in New Orleans we have a huge culinary library. So yeah, I guess I'm a little bit obsessed.

Tags: Bit, Library  ✍ Author: Emeril Lagasse

There's something boring about people who have to go to an office for a living.

Tags: Boring, Living  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

I'm not a fortune-teller.

Tags: Morning, Time  ✍ Author: Karl Lagerfeld

I always arrive late at the office, but I make up for it by leaving early.

Tags: Late, Leaving  ✍ Author: Charles Lamb

A public office is not a job, it is an opportunity to do something for the public.

Tags: Job, Public  ✍ Author: Franklin Knight Lane

I have hardly seen my baby for six weeks; have been at the office from nine A.M. to eleven P.M. regularly.

Tags: Baby, Seen  ✍ Author: Franklin Knight Lane

No man should have a political office because he wants a job.

Tags: Job, Political  ✍ Author: Franklin Knight Lane

I must have made a good impression because a club official to us into his office and asked me if I would sign on for a year with a view to becoming a professional.

Tags: Good, Year  ✍ Author: Harold Larwood

When I was in office the fundraising was done by the party treasurers.

Tags: Done, Party  ✍ Author: John Major

The Blackberry is really essential for keeping up on my emails when I'm out of the office, which is a lot.

Tags: Essential, Keeping  ✍ Author: David Neeleman

Windows are as essential to office prestige as Christmas is to retailing.

Tags: Essential  ✍ Author: Howard Nemerov

I was considering running for political office.

Tags: Political, Running  ✍ Author: Michael Newdow

No person who denies the existence of a supreme being shall hold any office under this Constitution.

Tags: Hold, Shall  ✍ Author: Michael Newdow

I believe in the battle-whether it's the battle of a campaign or the battle of this office, which is a continuing battle.

Tags: Battle, Campaign  ✍ Author: Richard M. Nixon

If I were to make public these tapes, containing blunt and candid remarks on many different subjects, the confidentiality of the office of the president would always be suspect.

Tags: President, Public  ✍ Author: Richard M. Nixon

It's easier to run for office than to run the office.

Tags: Easier, Run  ✍ Author: Thomas P. O\'Neill

I will make a general statement that we have not had anything like the policy of holding people in high office responsible for their acts that I think we should.

Tags: General, High  ✍ Author: William Odom

I'm not prepared for holding office any more than I think Arnold is.

Tags: Holding, Prepared  ✍ Author: Edward James Olmos

I think Gore does have to worry. He is tied to Bill Clinton. We know that there were telephone calls that he made from his office. We know that there were visits to the Buddhist temple.

Tags: Calls, Worry  ✍ Author: Barbara Olson

This is alchemy, and this is the office of Vulcan; he is the apothecary and chemist of the medicine.

Tags: Alchemy, Medicine  ✍ Author: Paracelsus

The way I understand it, the Russians are sort of a combination of evil and incompetence... sort of like the Post Office with tanks.

Tags: Evil, Understand  ✍ Author: Emo Philips

We love the ability of the people to influence the actions of decision-makers, of lawmakers and presidents to be removed from or elevated to office by the will of voters, and of the community to connect amongst diverse populations through the ballot box.

Tags: Influence, Love  ✍ Author: Charles Rangel

We need to ask our policy makers and those we elect to office who are supposed to make decisions to give us the evidence of the facts that are behind the decisions that we make. We should be skeptical.

Tags: Decisions, Give  ✍ Author: Dixie Lee Ray

I opened an office in Terre Haute, established eight of them, and became one of the eight county agents.

Tags: Agents, Eight  ✍ Author: Orville Redenbacher

It is easier to appear worthy of a position one does not hold, than of the office which one fills.

Tags: Hold, Position  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I'd like to talk to Arnold Schwarzenegger, 'cause I live in California and I just want to see that canned, chemical filled body in my office.

Tags: Body, Talk  ✍ Author: Henry Rollins

I have not the smarts or patience for political office.

Tags: Patience, Political  ✍ Author: Henry Rollins

The right way to reign in healthcare costs is not by applying more government and more controls and making it more like the post office, it's by making it more like a consumer-driven market.

Tags: Government, Making  ✍ Author: Mitt Romney

No people is wholly civilized where a distinction is drawn between stealing an office and stealing a purse.

Tags: Between, Stealing  ✍ Author: Theodore Roosevelt

I was going to have cosmetic surgery until I noticed that the doctor's office was full of portraits by Picasso.

Tags: Medical, Until  ✍ Author: Rita Rudner

I have an office in Argentina, I go there every day, so I work.

Tags: Argentina, Work  ✍ Author: Gabriela Sabatini

I have a little kitchen office at home, where I do all my kids' stuff.

Tags: Home, Kids  ✍ Author: Katey Sagal

It is not easy to get rich in Las Vegas, at Churchill Downs, or at the local Merrill Lynch office.

Tags: Easy, Rich  ✍ Author: Paul Samuelson

If the most liberal man that's ever been in office can get elected when 20 percent of the population identifies as liberal then I think we can elect a conservative when 40 percent of the population identifies themselves as conservative.

Tags: Liberal, Themselves  ✍ Author: Rick Santorum

A man who has no office to go, to I don't care who he is, is a trial of which you can have no conception.

Tags: Care, Trial  ✍ Author: George Bernard Shaw

Then that did very well at the box office, so before you knew it, we were in a string of feature motion pictures. Then they announced that they were going to do some spinoffs of us.

Tags: Knew, Pictures  ✍ Author: George Takei

A bureaucrat is a Democrat who holds some office that a Republican wants.

Tags: Republican, Wants  ✍ Author: Harry S. Truman

I'm convinced there's a small room in the attic of the Foreign Office where future diplomats are taught to stammer.

Tags: Future, Small  ✍ Author: Peter Ustinov

I never worked in an office in my life.

Tags: Life, Worked  ✍ Author: Jack Vance

I'm not one of the people who have to be in public office.

Tags: Public  ✍ Author: Antonio Villaraigosa

He appeared every night, like myself, at about nine o'clock, in the office of Mr. Tyler, to learn the news brought in the night Associated Press report. He knew me from the Bull Run campaign as a correspondent of the press.

Tags: Learn, Night  ✍ Author: Henry Villard

I know that I and my office acted with the highest integrity as an independent inspector general should act.

Tags: Act, Integrity  ✍ Author: Gerald Walpin

Virtue has its own reward, but no sale at the box office.

Tags: Reward, Virtue  ✍ Author: Mae West

I can only assume that your editorial writer tripped over the First Amendment and thought it was the office cat.

Tags: Thought, Writer  ✍ Author: E. B. White

I got off the abutment and walked towards my office.

Tags: Off, Towards  ✍ Author: Abraham Zapruder

I have about two or three people, we don't have an office, we don't even have a dedicated phone line. We do it out of our own homes, and we make it work.

Tags: Three, Work  ✍ Author: John Zorn

For years I wrote in my basement. More recently I graduated to one floor above, an office with all my books and music and - ta da! - a window.

Tags: Books, Music  ✍ Author: Mitch Albom

In general, any incoming administration must carefully examine ('vet') its nominees for high public office.

Tags: High, Public  ✍ Author: Paul Allen

I don't do office work at home.

Tags: Home, Work  ✍ Author: A. K. Antony

If you look at who drives the box office numbers at these films, it's men.

Tags: Films, Men  ✍ Author: Judd Apatow

I couldn't sleep one night and I was sitting in my office and I realized that I was an independent filmmaker.

Tags: Night, Sleep  ✍ Author: Darren Aronofsky

When you're a kid and your father is an engineer, he goes to the office. I saw my father get up and go to the office in the house and write. But I don't see any similarities.

Tags: Father, Write  ✍ Author: Jacques Audiard

Not once in six years did I make it to the office by 9 on the dot.

Tags: Once, Six  ✍ Author: Joseph Barbera

On taking office, Obama promised the 'most transparent' administration in history; yet his record as president has been anything but transparent.

Tags: History, President  ✍ Author: Bob Barr

I'm very confident that not only will the other candidates who ran for this office support me but all of their supporters will as well. So yes, I'm very confident that I will get their support.

Tags: Support, Yes  ✍ Author: Tom Barrett

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