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Nancy Grace's Quotes

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Born: 1959-10-23
Profession: Journalist
Nation: American
Biography of Nancy Grace

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Listen, when somebody says, 'I take the fifth,' well, you know, they did something, OK? Why else would they take the fifth?

Tags: Else, Somebody, Why

Look, the justice system is made up of people. People have faults. It's not perfect.

Tags: Justice, Perfect, System

My father was a railroad man his entire life; 43 years for Southern Railroad.

Tags: Father, Life, Southern

The reality is, when you're representing someone that's guilty, you're in the position of taking that position.

Tags: Guilty, Reality, Someone

To suggest that you can't be both a mother who is completely in love with her babies, and a professional who is tough and tenacious, is ridiculous.

Tags: Love, Mother, Tough

What joy would I get from putting the wrong person behind bars?

Tags: Behind, Joy, Wrong

When you have a child victim, I don't think cameras should be in the courtroom, ever.

Tags: Child, Courtroom, Victim

You see, some lawyers have the talent, have the charisma, but no discipline. They come into court unprepared, without having done their research.

Tags: Done, Research, Talent

All the criticism and all of the praise, it doesn't - it's not worth the salt that goes on my bread, because TV is fickle. You can be loved one day and hated the next day. One day, you're getting an award. And the next day, you're getting a death threat.

Tags: Death, Getting, Worth

As a prosecutor, I got a paycheck for coming to work every day. I didn't get a promotion when I won, and I didn't get a demotion when I did a bad job.

Tags: Bad, Job, Work

I grew up in a courtroom kind of like the one you saw in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' - big, big courtroom, sometimes it didn't even have air conditioning.

Tags: Air, Big, Sometimes

I went nearly 30 years without being able to really seriously entertain marriage or a family. In fact, the word 'marriage' would actually give me a shake when it was brought up.

Tags: Family, Give, Marriage

With every story that TV covers, somebody - some corporation, some shareholders - are making money. That's true whether covering Libya, Iraq, the tsunami in Japan, Osama bin Laden, whatever story there is. That day, the shareholders are making money off it. Every newspaper that's sold, somebody's making a dime.

Tags: Money, Off, True

If I listened to my critics, I would still be at home under my bed right now.

Tags: Bed, Critics, Home

If you are moneyed or educated, you will get a different sentence than someone who is not.

Tags: Educated, Sentence, Someone

Well, of course I think people can be forgiven. But our justice system is not set up to dispense forgiveness. You can go to the local priest for that.

Tags: Forgiven, Justice, System

After I lost my fiance, it seemed like it would be better to always be alone than to risk being hurt again.

Tags: Alone, Hurt, Lost

Believe it or not, there are people who want to be on juries.

Tags: Juries

Court TV will always hold a special place in my heart, and I will always look back at my time there with great gratitude and affection.

Tags: Gratitude, Great, Time

I always thought that was one of the single most important things a prosecutor could do is to seek justice for the families of victims.

Tags: Justice, Single, Thought

I do not favor the gag order.

Tags: Favor, Gag, Order

I don't believe love goes away just because you're buried in a casket.

Tags: Away, Goes, Love

I don't like juries having the wool pulled over their eyes. I don't think that's what the Constitution is about.

Tags: Eyes, Pulled, Wool
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I don't really want to have any part of getting guilty people off.

Tags: Getting, Guilty, Off

I have 'To Kill A Mockingbird' signed by Harper Lee. That is my prized possession.

Tags: Lee, Possession, Prized

I have faith in the jury system.

Tags: Faith, Jury, System

I majored in Shakespearean studies at a very tiny school in Georgia.

Tags: School, Studies, Tiny

I often get too emotionally involved in my cases.

Tags: Cases, Involved, Often

I really like my doctors. Some of them I love. I trust them.

Tags: Doctors, Love, Trust

I think all politicians lie.

Tags: Lie

I think the truth is black-and-white.

Tags: Truth

I was 47 when I got pregnant. I'd been trying for a couple of years and thought it would never happen.

Tags: Happen, Thought, Trying

I was a prosecutor for many years, I'm a crime victim myself, and I've tried so many cases I don't even know how many anymore.

Tags: Crime, Tried, Victim

I was in the courtroom prosecuting violent felonies for well over a decade.

Tags: Courtroom, Decade, Violent

I would have liked to personally have prosecuted Scott Peterson.

Tags: Liked, Personally, Prosecuted

I'm not a judge.

Tags: Judge

I'm on a search for the truth.

Tags: Search, Truth

It's hard for me to believe someone could harm a child.

Tags: Child, Hard, Someone
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