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Nicolas Sarkozy's Quotes

Nicolas Sarkozy profile photo

Born: 1955-01-28
Profession: Statesman
Nation: French
Biography of Nicolas Sarkozy

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I love life too much to be bitter.

Tags: Bitter, Life, Love

I want to wage war against illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, unfair competition, communitarianism, delinquency.

Tags: Against, Poverty, War

I am not a man of my party. I do not talk only to socialists and union leaders.

Tags: Leaders, Talk, Union

Francois Hollande is the president of the republic, he must be respected. I want to wish him good luck in the midst of these tests.

Tags: Good, Him, Wish

In a presidential campaign, you can't lie. You can't hide what you are and what you want. You can't hide what kind of President you'll be. You can't keep on talking about nothing indefinitely and committing to nothing, you can't keep running away from debate, masking the challenges.

Tags: Away, Keep, Lie

A page is turning for me. I won't be candidate in legislative elections, nor in any elections to come.

Tags: Elections, Nor, Won

France is the country with the highest taxes in Europe along with Sweden...something of which I am not proud.

Tags: Along, Country, Proud

France now has a new president and he must be respected. I assume full responsibility for this defeat.

Tags: Defeat, Full, President

I committed myself totally, fully, but I didn't succeed in convincing a majority of French... I didn't succeed in making the values we share win.

Tags: Making, Succeed, Win

I don't give any gifts to the rich.

Tags: Gifts, Give, Rich

I fought for the values of responsibility, and I'm not a man who does not accept his responsibilities.

Tags: Accept, Fought, Values

I hope that France - and all of Europe - we would take an initiative for the year 2012 to be the year of peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Tags: Between, Hope, Peace

I'm ready to become a French person amongst French people, and more than ever I have the love for my country deeply ingrained in my heart.

Tags: Country, Heart, Love

The French people need to have all the facts so they can choose. And I won't be running away from it or hiding from it.

Tags: Away, Facts, Won

You are the eternal France, I love you.

Tags: Eternal, France, Love

You won't hear from me again.

Tags: Again, Hear, Won

Francois Hollande is an intelligent man. I do not have a problem with him. The only thing is, he has never held office at the state level. Honestly, can you imagine Francois Hollande as president of France? Imagine it!

Tags: Him, Problem, State

It's disrespectful to tell the French in the morning that you're going to reduce the debt, in the evening that you're not going to make any savings, and the next morning, after thinking about it, that you're going to spend more.

Tags: Evening, Morning, Thinking

Perhaps the mistake I made at the start of my mandate is not understanding the symbolic dimension of the president's role and not being solemn enough in my acts. A mistake for which I would like to apologise or explain myself and which I will not make again. Now, I know the job.

Tags: Enough, Job, Start

Solving a problem created by debt... by creating more debt is a fool's errand.

Tags: Debt, Fool, Problem
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