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Defeat Quotes

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Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.

Tags: Thousand, Victory  ✍ Author: John F. Kennedy

Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.

Tags: Foreign, Policy  ✍ Author: John F. Kennedy

Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat.

Tags: After, Victory  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

The goal of all inanimate objects is to resist man and ultimately defeat him.

Tags: Goal, Him  ✍ Author: Russell Baker

He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.

Tags: Fears, Sure  ✍ Author: Napoleon Bonaparte

Now the fact that terrorists throughout the world see this as an opportunity to defeat the United States, we have to be - and every Democratic candidate, even those who opposed us going in, now say we just simply can't cut and run.

Tags: Fact, Run  ✍ Author: Al D\'Amato

Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it.

Tags: Until  ✍ Author: Josephus Daniels

There are many victories worse than a defeat.

Tags: Fear, Worse  ✍ Author: George Eliot

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.

Tags: Final, Single  ✍ Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.

Tags: Known, Victory  ✍ Author: Malcolm Forbes

The object of China's strategy is inexorably to supplant the United States as the world's premier economic power, and if necessary, to defeat us militarily.

Tags: Power, United  ✍ Author: Frank Gaffney

The reason is that a military defeat of Britain will bring about the disintegration of the British Empire. This would not be of any benefit to Germany.

Tags: Military, Reason  ✍ Author: Franz Halder

Mobilize people to vote and to re-elect Clinton as the only way to defeat.

Tags: Clinton, Vote  ✍ Author: Gus Hall

Man is not made for defeat.

 ✍ Author: Ernest Hemingway

But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.

Tags: Defeated, Destroyed  ✍ Author: Ernest Hemingway

Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.

Tags: Misfortune, Often  ✍ Author: Napoleon Hill

But I believe we must not allow feelings of defeat to take root in our hearts.

Tags: Feelings, Hearts  ✍ Author: Daisaku Ikeda

Stand up and face your fears, or they will defeat you.

Tags: Face, Stand  ✍ Author: LL Cool J

War is grounded in the notion of triumph and defeat. It is zero-sum.

Tags: Triumph, War  ✍ Author: Brandon T. Jackson

You can't ultimately dodge defeat by winning close elections.

Tags: Close, Winning  ✍ Author: Bill James

Emigration is no longer a solution; it's a defeat. People are risking death, drowning every day, but they're knocking on doors that are not open.

Tags: Death, Open  ✍ Author: Tahar Ben Jelloun

We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.

Tags: Give, Problem  ✍ Author: Abdul Kalam
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We know that if gold, if fraud, if force can defeat us, they will all be used. And we have resolved that they shall not defeat us. We shall arm. We shall meet fraud and falsehood with defiance, and force with force, if need be.

Tags: Shall, Used  ✍ Author: Roy Keane

I've learned that something constructive comes from every defeat.

Tags: Learned  ✍ Author: Tom Landry

Not in the clamor of the crowded street, not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, but in ourselves, are triumph and defeat.

Tags: Ourselves, Street  ✍ Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, but in ourselves, are triumph and defeat.

Tags: Ourselves, Triumph  ✍ Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.

Tags: Adversity, Time  ✍ Author: Malcolm X

In the attempt to defeat death man has been inevitably obliged to defeat life, for the two are inextricably related. Life moves on to death, and to deny one is to deny the other.

Tags: Death, Life  ✍ Author: Henry Miller

The terrorist uses surprise and stealth, and the only way to defeat that is by having accurate and timely intelligence.

Tags: Surprise, Terrorist  ✍ Author: Bill Nelson

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat.

Tags: Flowers, Overcome  ✍ Author: Beverley Nichols

You've got to learn to survive a defeat. That's when you develop character.

Tags: Character, Learn  ✍ Author: Richard M. Nixon

Defeat doesn't finish a man, quit does. A man is not finished when he's defeated. He's finished when he quits.

Tags: Defeated, Quit  ✍ Author: Richard M. Nixon

The bottom line is that after we defeat the armed forces of Iraq, that we will want to and need to provide stability throughout that country.

Tags: After, Country  ✍ Author: Peter Pace

War is a defeat for humanity.

Tags: Humanity, War  ✍ Author: Pope John Paul II

When defeat is inevitable, it is wisest to yield.

Tags: Inevitable, Wisest  ✍ Author: Sean Quinn

When something an affliction happens to you, you either let it defeat you, or you defeat it.

Tags: Either, Happens  ✍ Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The great leaders of the second world war alliance, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, understood the twin sides of destruction and salvation. Their war aims were not only to defeat fascism, but to create a world of shared prosperity.

Tags: Great, War  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Sachs

Back of every mistaken venture and defeat is the laughter of wisdom, if you listen.

Tags: Laughter, Wisdom  ✍ Author: Carl Sandburg

France now has a new president and he must be respected. I assume full responsibility for this defeat.

Tags: Full, President  ✍ Author: Nicolas Sarkozy

If a victory is told in detail, one can no longer distinguish it from a defeat.

Tags: Longer, Victory  ✍ Author: Jean-Paul Sartre

The issue of Palestine has been there since more than 60 years. But more important since 1967 when the war was, ended in the defeat of some Arab countries.

Tags: Since, War  ✍ Author: Al-Waleed bin Talal

I tried to contribute to the defeat of the Soviets. If I contributed 1%, it is 1% of something enormous.

Tags: Contribute, Tried  ✍ Author: Edward Teller

We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat. They do not exist.

Tags: Exist, Interested  ✍ Author: Queen Victoria

I believe, based on the activities, and I am not an expert on terrorism by any stretch, but I believe that when they attacked the United States and they attacked New York and Washington, D.C., they thought they could defeat us.

Tags: Thought, United  ✍ Author: Jim Walsh

The defeat of the Americans in Canada and the advantages gained by the British arms in the Jerseys, and indeed for some months in every other quarter, gave to the royal cause an air of triumph.

Tags: Cause, Gave  ✍ Author: Mercy Otis Warren

An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy.

Tags: Cannot, Enemy  ✍ Author: Mao Zedong

I am going to have to stick to the script. If I muck around with the words it will defeat the object.

Tags: Object, Words  ✍ Author: Clive Anderson

Terrorism is a big danger to Pakistan's independence. We will fight this danger for the sake of independence of Pakistan and will defeat it at all levels.

Tags: Big, Fight  ✍ Author: Shaukat Aziz

If you live long enough, you'll see that every victory turns into a defeat.

Tags: Enough, Victory  ✍ Author: Simone de Beauvoir

People don't like to talk about victory and defeat anymore.

Tags: Talk, Victory  ✍ Author: John Bolton

Yet, history has shown that if material force can defeat some ideologies it can no longer obliterate a civilization without destabilizing the whole planet.

Tags: History, Whole  ✍ Author: Abdelaziz Bouteflika

The taste of defeat has a richness of experience all its own.

Tags: Experience, Taste  ✍ Author: Bill Bradley

Defeat has its lessons as well as victory.

Tags: Lessons, Victory  ✍ Author: Pat Buchanan

I think in defeat you grope for things that are happy, and it's hard.

Tags: Happy, Hard  ✍ Author: George H. W. Bush

For an adult, eating alone at McDonald's is admitting a kind of defeat.

Tags: Adult, Alone  ✍ Author: Jonathan Carroll

We need to defeat al Queda and other terrorist organizations.

Tags: Al, Terrorist  ✍ Author: Paul Cellucci

All Iraqis can unite to defeat terrorism and can unite to rebuild the country.

Tags: Country, Terrorism  ✍ Author: Ahmed Chalabi

There is no such thing as defeat in non-violence.

 ✍ Author: Cesar Chavez

A reformer is one who sets forth cheerfully toward sure defeat.

Tags: Sure, Toward  ✍ Author: Julia Child

Victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan.

Tags: Fathers, Victory  ✍ Author: Galeazzo Ciano

We didn't defeat the Nazis by becoming Nazis.

Tags: Becoming  ✍ Author: Nick Clooney

We don't defeat evil by becoming evil.

Tags: Becoming, Evil  ✍ Author: Nick Clooney

I bring out the worst in my enemies and that's how I get them to defeat themselves.

Tags: Themselves, Worst  ✍ Author: Roy Cohn

South Vietnam faces total defeat, and soon.

Tags: Soon, South  ✍ Author: William Colby

To expect defeat is nine-tenths of defeat itself.

Tags: Expect  ✍ Author: Francis Marion Crawford

I'm destined to be attracted to those I cannot defeat.

Tags: Cannot, Destined  ✍ Author: Russell Crowe

Everybody wants to defeat the defending champs.

Tags: Everybody, Wants  ✍ Author: Victor Cruz

Standardization of our educational systems is apt to stamp out individualism and defeat the very ends of education by leveling the product down rather than up.

Tags: Education, Rather  ✍ Author: Harvey Cushing

There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry.

Tags: Enough, Indians  ✍ Author: George Armstrong Custer

Native Americans had only stone and wooden weapons and no animals that could be ridden. Those military advantages repeatedly enabled troops of a few dozen mounted Spaniards to defeat Indian armies numbering in the thousands.

Tags: Few, Military  ✍ Author: Jared Diamond

We are going to have to be there until we defeat this enemy.

Tags: Enemy, Until  ✍ Author: Thelma Drake

This is the absolute truth: and on this truth our tactics must be based. All tactics that are not based on this are false, and lead the proletariat to terrible defeat.

Tags: Lead, Truth  ✍ Author: Herman Gorter

I think in Atlantic Canada, because of what happened in the decades following Confederation, there is a culture of defeat that we have to overcome.

Tags: Culture, Happened  ✍ Author: Stephen Harper

Washington's defeat in 1754 was followed by active military preparations on both sides.

Tags: Both, Military  ✍ Author: Albert Bushnell Hart

We remain united with the British, and our allies around the world, in our resolve to defeat terrorism and bring those who commit these acts to justice.

Tags: Justice, United  ✍ Author: Doc Hastings

Those who committed these cowardly acts may believe that they have shaken our resolve to defeat terrorism. They could not be more wrong.

Tags: May, Wrong  ✍ Author: Doc Hastings

The natural urge when running a distance is to push harder and finish sooner - to race against time. Every second behind a deadline is a little defeat.

Tags: Against, Time  ✍ Author: Joe Henderson

You don't have to fear defeat if you believe it may reveal powers that you didn't know you possessed.

Tags: Fear, May  ✍ Author: Napolean Hill

Criticism and pessimism destroy families, undermine institutions of all kinds, defeat nearly everyone, and spread a shroud of gloom over entire nations.

Tags: Criticism, Everyone  ✍ Author: Gordon B. Hinckley

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, said that Republicans' number one priority was the defeat of President Obama.

Tags: Leader, Said  ✍ Author: Steny Hoyer

I contend that not only can you laugh at adversity, but it is essential to do so if you are to deal with setbacks without defeat.

Tags: Adversity, Laugh  ✍ Author: Allen Klein

We can only win by giving everything and being ready to defeat the adversary with fiery aggression.

Tags: Giving, Win  ✍ Author: Jurgen Klinsmann

I like to set up obstacles and defeat them.

Tags: Obstacles  ✍ Author: Heath Ledger

Defeat the fear of death and welcome the death of fear.

Tags: Death, Fear  ✍ Author: G. Gordon Liddy

Defeat the fear of death and you welcome the death of fear.

Tags: Death, Fear  ✍ Author: G. Gordon Liddy

The failure of the Russian Socialist Republic will be the defeat of the proletariat of the whole world.

Tags: Failure, Whole  ✍ Author: Karl Liebknecht

In defeat, unbeatable; in victory, unbearable.

Tags: Unbeatable, Victory  ✍ Author: Edward Marsh

Besides the practical knowledge which defeat offers, there are important personality profits to be taken.

Tags: Knowledge, Taken  ✍ Author: William Moulton Marston

Males have probably always enjoyed watching the defeat of other males, but without the invention of numerals and the subsequent invention of the concept of keeping score, we could never have had a million sports channels.

Tags: Million, Sports  ✍ Author: Karl Marx

You can learn little from victory. You can learn everything from defeat.

Tags: Learn, Victory  ✍ Author: Christy Mathewson

And, if we lost, then who win? Did Al Qaida win? When on the floor of the House of Representatives they cheer - they cheer - when they pass a withdrawal motion that is a certain date for surrender, what were they cheering? Surrender? Defeat?

Tags: Lost, Win  ✍ Author: John McCain

I firmly believed throughout 1971 that the major hurdle to winning the presidency was winning the Democratic nomination. I believed that any reasonable Democrat would defeat President Nixon. I now think that no one could have defeated him in 1972.

Tags: Him, Winning  ✍ Author: George McGovern

Ronald Reagan, of course, was a Republican governor of California who went through a painful defeat in the 1976 presidential race before winning four years later.

Tags: Republican, Winning  ✍ Author: Michael Medved

Enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses... on your powers, instead of your problems.

Tags: Giving, Problems  ✍ Author: Nicholas Meyer

With Germany herself falling, it is not strange that the nations leagued with her also went down to defeat.

Tags: Her, Strange  ✍ Author: Kelly Miller

The loss of national identity is the greatest defeat a nation can know, and it is inevitable under the contemporary form of colonization.

Tags: Greatest, Nation  ✍ Author: Slobodan Milosevic

The mission - the overall mission is to dismantle and defeat and disrupt al-Qaeda. But we have to make sure there's not a safe haven that returns in Afghanistan.

Tags: Safe, Sure  ✍ Author: Michael Mullen

Empires won by conquest have always fallen either by revolt within or by defeat by a rival.

Tags: Within, Won  ✍ Author: John Boyd Orr

Some wars have been due to the lust of rulers for power and glory, or to revenge to wipe out the humiliation of a former defeat.

Tags: Power, Revenge  ✍ Author: John Boyd Orr

What is defeat? Nothing but education. Nothing but the first step to something better.

Tags: Education, Step  ✍ Author: Wendell Phillips

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