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Well, let's go back to the original intent of Social Security. It is an insurance contract.

Tags: Original, Security, Social  ✍ Author: Chuck Hagel

We have a tremendous lack of knowledge of how far we have gotten away from the Constitution of the United States. Democrats and Republicans alike have taken us away from the original intent. You see, I believe in this document as our founding fathers intended it.

Tags: Away, Far, Knowledge  ✍ Author: Paul Broun

It's an honor to have been part of something so core to so many lives. The show has evolved beyond it's original intent and form and has transcended... itself!

Tags: Honor, Lives, Show  ✍ Author: Christopher Knight

Yeah, you know, you like it to come on like gangbusters, but you get into passages that are very interesting and subtle, and sometimes your original intent changes quite a bit.

Tags: Changes, Quite, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Roy Lichtenstein

Conservatives who believe that the Constitution should be interpreted according to the plain meaning of its language and the original intent of the Framers have long been troubled by the court's decisions expanding the commerce clause to authorize Congress to regulate the most local of matters within a state's borders.

Tags: Decisions, Language, State  ✍ Author: David Limbaugh

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Original Intent quote #2
Original Intent quote #2
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