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Pleasurable Quotes

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Life does not agree with philosophy: There is no happiness that is not idleness, and only what is useless is pleasurable.

Tags: Happiness, Life, Philosophy  ✍ Author: Anton Chekhov

In architecture the idea degenerated. Design allows a more direct and pleasurable route.

Tags: Design, Direct, Idea  ✍ Author: Charles Eames

The one regret I have about my own abortions is that they cost money that might otherwise have been spent on something more pleasurable, like taking the kids to movies and theme parks.

Tags: Money, Movies, Regret  ✍ Author: Barbara Ehrenreich

It's such a pleasurable experience to look back, and all of the fun I had just comes rushing back.

Tags: Experience, Fun, Rushing  ✍ Author: Jenna Elfman

It was the most pleasurable thing I've ever done, playing this character, and I just remember feeling so at home and so - I don't know, I was just happy - and it just wasn't ever work! It was like a sandbox for me, and I would crack myself up rehearsing.

Tags: Happy, Home, Work  ✍ Author: Jenna Elfman

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Pleasurable quote #2
Pleasurable quote #2
Pleasurable quote #2
Pleasurable quote #2

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