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Rickey Henderson's Quotes

Rickey Henderson profile photo

Born: 1958-12-25
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Rickey Henderson

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Rickey don't like it when Rickey can't find Rickey's limo.

Tags: Big, Hat, Horses

The only name on my birth certificate was Henley, no first name.

Tags: Birth, Name

To all the kids out there: Follow your dream. Believe in your dream. Because dreams do come true.

Tags: Dream, Dreams, True

To me the most important thing was stirring things up and scoring some runs so we could win a ballgame.

Tags: Scoring, Stirring, Win

When you're a kid, you want to be a millionaire.

Tags: Kid

You have to keep running. I always believed I was going to be safe.

Tags: Keep, Running, Safe

Certain guys, they can see a guy do a certain thing with their glove and know what pitch is coming. I couldn't do that. But I can get on first base and I can tell you by his move if that pitcher is going to first base or home plate every time.

Tags: Home, Tell, Time

My dream was to play football for the Oakland Raiders. But my mother thought I would get hurt playing football, so she chose baseball for me. I guess moms do know best.

Tags: Best, Hurt, Mother

People always ask me why I still want to play, but I want to know why no one will give me an opportunity. It's like they put a stamp on me: 'Hall of Fame. You're done. That's it.'

Tags: Done, Give, Why

Somehow, I've been blessed to be able to have the young spirit inside - not feel like every year I get a year older. I feel like every year I get a year younger. I don't wake up in the morning with aches and pains.

Tags: Blessed, Morning, Young

You never had the opportunity to play with some of the great ballplayers, but being that close around them, and being in the same category, was a great feeling, to feel that vibe of all the best players who played the game.

Tags: Best, Feeling, Great

Once you can accept failure, you can have fun and success.

Tags: Failure, Fun, Success

If my uniform doesn't get dirty, I haven't done anything in the baseball game.

Tags: Baseball, Done, Game

Even the slowest guy can go from first to third and help win a ballgame.

Tags: Guy, Help, Win

I love playing this game and every spring training feels like the first.

Tags: Game, Love, Spring

I'm a Hall of Famer and I'm still fighting for it because I love the game and I love to play.

Tags: Fighting, Game, Love

Just because I believed in what I was doing on the field and dedicated myself to playing the game, does that mean I'm cocky? Does that mean I'm arrogant?

Tags: Game, Mean, Playing

I can still steal a base anytime I get ready.

Tags: Anytime, Ready, Steal

I can't find a job. It makes me crazy.

Tags: Crazy, Job, Makes

I did so many things that made me a threat.

Tags: Threat
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I don't think I ever got proper credit about being smart about the game.

Tags: Credit, Game, Smart

I don't want to be one of those great players who never made it to the Series.

Tags: Great, Players, Series

I have to play baseball to make me happy. I have to be an athlete. But when it's all said and done, I'll be a normal father. A normal-type house man.

Tags: Baseball, Father, Happy

I haven't had the time to say, 'I'm retiring.' But baseball says, 'You're retired.'

Tags: Baseball, Says, Time

I like playing for Oakland, they have a very colorful uniform.

Tags: Colorful, Playing, Uniform

I love talking about baserunning.

Tags: Love, Talking

I love the game and I wanted to continue playing. It came to a time that I had to stop.

Tags: Game, Love, Time

I wanted to be a part of something special and contributing to the launch of a new league was very exciting to me.

Tags: Exciting, Special, Wanted

I'm disappointed about how my career ended.

Tags: Career, Ended

If you look at some of the people in the Hall of Fame, my numbers are compatible.

Tags: Compatible, Fame, Numbers

In baseball you train the whole body, except for the hip and eyes.

Tags: Baseball, Eyes, Whole

Lou Brock was a great base stealer but today I am the greatest.

Tags: Great, Greatest, Today

My impact on the game was going out there and making things happen.

Tags: Game, Happen, Making

My journey as a player is complete.

Tags: Complete, Journey, Player

People recognize me - but if you've been in the public eye as long as I have and people don't recognize you, I feel bad about myself.

Tags: Bad, Eye, Public

People say I stole a lot of bases. I stole the bases for a reason. I crossed the plate.

Tags: Bases, Plate, Reason
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