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Sherry Stringfield's Quotes

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Born: 1967-06-24
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Sherry Stringfield

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I'm a terrible patient, and I find that doctors can be very condescending.

Tags: Doctors, Patient, Terrible

I don't get rattled about the big things. I get rattled when I have to pick up my laundry, get gas in the car, pick up a script.

Tags: Big, Car, Laundry

I love going to the set every day, because Noah Wylie will be there waiting.

Tags: Love, Noah, Waiting

I love having no sense of tomorrow or yesterday.

Tags: Love, Sense, Tomorrow

I never wanted to be a star.

Tags: Star, Wanted

I played the best role I've ever seen on TV or film in the last five years. It was hugely gratifying.

Tags: Best, Film, Last

I'm from the theater. I never wanted to be a star.

Tags: Star, Theater, Wanted

I'm incredibly happy to be doing my own thing in New York.

Tags: Happy, Incredibly, York

It took a long time to get out of my contract. The producers thought I was negotiating for more money.

Tags: Money, Thought, Time

It's amazing how everyone has an opinion on how you should live your life.

Tags: Amazing, Life, Opinion

Only the patients have to take off their clothes. I think I'm pretty safe.

Tags: Clothes, Off, Pretty

People can get certain good things out of fame, but until it killed a princess nobody ever talked about how bad it can be.

Tags: Bad, Good, Until

Physics has the cutest words.

Tags: Physics, Words

Series television is either a nightmare or the best thing in the whole world. It really depends on, I think, where you are in your life.

Tags: Best, Life, Whole

There's only so much you can do with an attorney on a show that's about New York policemen.

Tags: Policemen, Show, York

They understood why I left ER. It wasn't just about a guy.

Tags: Guy, Left, Why

When you walk away from a really wonderful job like that, you start messing with everyone's priorities. It's like you're dissing them.

Tags: Away, Job, Wonderful

Why does anybody want to be famous? You know what's important to me? Having lunch! Pasta! Seeing my friends! Is that so crazy?

Tags: Crazy, Famous, Friends

You can't mess up. If you do, everyone wants to kill you.

Tags: Everyone, Mess, Wants

I had my electricity turned off three times because I never had time to pay my bills. It was a joke. I'm making a ton of money, and I'm walking around my apartment with flashlights.

Tags: Money, Off, Time
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It took the producers a while to realize I wanted a full-bodied life. I wanted to get out before I felt I'd sacrificed so much to get somewhere that I couldn't afford to leave.

Tags: Leave, Life, Wanted
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