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Syndicate Quotes

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The first syndicating I tried was when two partners and I created a production company in 1952. We wanted to syndicate famous Bible stories and sell them for $25 a show.

Tags: Famous, Show, Wanted  ✍ Author: Casey Kasem

You can't just count on becoming a syndicated cartoonist. I actually tried to calculate the odds once, and the best I could come up with is a 1-in-36,000 chance. And the odds of getting hit by lightning are 1 in 7,900 - which kind of shows how long those odds are.

Tags: Best, Chance, Once  ✍ Author: Stephan Pastis

At one time Tribune Syndicate emptied out their storeroom. They put tables full of original cartoons down in the lobby and said take one if you want one. The comics were simply a burden to them.

Tags: Put, Said, Time  ✍ Author: Mort Walker

As far as the future for the Showtime episodes that have already aired, we are sold into syndication so we'll be appearing primarily on the Fox syndicated networks and then eventually the SCI FI Channel. So, we'll be around for a while.

Tags: Far, Future, While  ✍ Author: Richard Dean Anderson

I have two syndicated radio shows though United Stations Radio Network.

Tags: Radio, Though, United  ✍ Author: Nina Blackwood

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