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Tariffs Quotes

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If you want India to lower tariffs and facilitate more free trade, then I think Indian producers also have a right to enter the European market.

Tags: Free, India, Market  ✍ Author: Vijay Mallya

Tariffs that save jobs in the steel industry mean higher steel prices, which in turn means fewer sales of American steel products around the world and losses of far more jobs than are saved.

Tags: American, Far, Mean  ✍ Author: Thomas Sowell

Evidence points out that if you raise tariffs too much it will increase smuggling.

Tags: Evidence, Increase, Points  ✍ Author: P. Chidambaram

We need to get rid of the 16th amendment, and return to the original system that funds government with a variety of tariffs and duties.

Tags: Government, Return, System  ✍ Author: Alan Keyes

U.S. corn exports to CAFTA countries will benefit from reduced tariffs and duty-free access for corn products.

Tags: Benefit, Corn, Countries  ✍ Author: John Shimkus

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