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Vikram Chatwal's Quotes

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Born: 1971-11-01
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Vikram Chatwal

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Nepotism sometimes can be a lose-lose situation.

Tags: Nepotism, Situation, Sometimes

Dreams take you beyond what you think you can do in life.

Tags: Beyond, Dreams, Life

Early in my investment-banking career, I realized I was on a path that others had set out for me.

Tags: Career, Others, Path

I believe in numbers and signs.

Tags: Numbers, Signs

I guess you could say I'm a model slash hotelier slash actor slash screenwriter.

Tags: Actor, Guess, Model

Music used to be a lot more about angst for me. Now it's the only form of meditation I do.

Tags: Meditation, Music, Used

My father is quite conservative and religious, and he's been wanting me to get married since I was 15.

Tags: Father, Married, Since

People think money is life and your life is over if you lose it.

Tags: Life, Lose, Money

There is nothing you can do to assuage your conscience when you commit sins. Crime is a spiritual assault on the soul.

Tags: Conscience, Soul, Spiritual

Having created a business that is a success, when you are in a nepotistic situation, people who don't do anything themselves, well, it is easy for them to say it's never good enough.

Tags: Business, Good, Success

Time and tide wait for no man.

Tags: Tide, Time, Wait

Women desire six things: They want their husbands to be brave, wise, rich, generous, obedient to wife, and lively in bed.

Tags: Wife, Wise, Women

The guilty think all talk is of themselves.

Tags: Guilty, Talk, Themselves

And she was fair as is the rose in May.

Tags: Fair, May, She

Love is blind.

Tags: Blind, Love

Whoso will pray, he must fast and be clean, And fat his soul, and make his body lean.

Tags: Body, Fat, Soul

The greatest scholars are not usually the wisest people.

Tags: Greatest, Scholars, Wisest

There's never a new fashion but it's old.

Tags: Fashion, Old

By nature, men love newfangledness.

Tags: Love, Men, Nature

There's no workman, whatsoever he be, That may both work well and hastily.

Tags: Both, May, Work

The life so short, the crafts so long to learn.

Tags: Learn, Life, Short

Forbid us something, and that thing we desire.

Tags: Desire, Forbid

He was as fresh as is the month of May.

Tags: Fresh, May, Month

Filth and old age, I'm sure you will agree, are powerful wardens upon chastity.

Tags: Age, Old, Powerful

People can die of mere imagination.

Tags: Die, Mere

We know little of the things for which we pray.

Tags: Pray
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First he wrought, and afterward he taught.

Tags: Taught, Wrought

Murder will out, this my conclusion.

Tags: Conclusion

Nowhere so busy a man as he than he, and yet he seemed busier than he was.

Tags: Busier, Busy, Nowhere

At Girl Scouts, we are committed to raising awareness about the terrible effects of cyber bullying, and to teaching girls how to recognize the signs of bullying of any sort and extricate themselves or another from a bad situation before it spirals out of control and ends in tragedy.

Tags: Bad, Control, Girl

Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.

Tags: Society, Suffering, Until

At Girl Scouts, we create leaders.

Tags: Create, Girl, Leaders

Cyber bullies can hide behind a mask of anonymity online, and do not need direct physical access to their victims to do unimaginable harm.

Tags: Behind, Hide, Physical

Girl Scouts is a girl-serving organization, so our members are girls.

Tags: Girl, Members, Scouts

Research shows that girls look at leadership differently than boys.

Tags: Leadership, Research, Shows

Simply stated, girls want role models and mentors.

Tags: Models, Role, Simply

As a little girl in Arizona, none of the women in my family had a cultural connection with Girl Scouts, but the opportunity resonated with my mother as a platform that would allow me to excel in school.

Tags: Family, Mother, Women

Girl Scouts is such an iconic organization that it's easy to overlook how daring an idea it was for founder Juliette Gordon Low to gather those first 18 girls in that troop in Savannah, Georgia. It was 1912, after all, and women wouldn't earn the right to vote for another eight years.

Tags: After, Girl, Women

Many people don't know, but American Girl Scouts get to travel the world, and that's a very good thing, as the more we can expose our young people to other cultures, the better off we'll be in this increasingly globalized environment.

Tags: Girl, Good, Travel

Sometimes when I speak to groups or I'm interviewed by a journalist, I ask them to imagine their communities without Girl Scouts - to imagine the thousands of food drives and clothing and toy collections that would never take place if not for Girl Scouts.

Tags: Food, Girl, Sometimes

Too often, nonprofits are viewed as rigid and bureaucratic - less nimble and capable of adapting in this fluid environment than our corporate counterparts. I don't agree.

Tags: Capable, Less, Often

What gets posted online is not short term, and is open for easy misinterpretation. Messages and pictures spread faster through the Internet than they ever could by word of mouth.

Tags: Easy, Short, Word
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