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Aaron Johnson's Quotes

Aaron Johnson profile photo

Born: 1990-06-13
Profession: Actor
Nation: English
Biography of Aaron Johnson

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I can't think of anything worse than trying to schmooze someone with the idea that you're an actor.

Tags: Idea, Someone, Trying

I don't go online, I don't read reviews, I try not to look at anything on the Internet.

Tags: Internet, Read, Try

I don't like to be me. I'm not so comfortable being me on screen because then I'd be a presenter. I'm not Jimmy Fallon.

Tags: Jimmy, Presenter, Screen

I get on fine with my mum and dad, but if they want to see the grandchildren, they come to me.

Tags: Dad, Fine, Mum

I haven't got any friends from where I grew up, but that's not to do with fame.

Tags: Fame, Friends

I think with anything where you delve into the back story of an artist, it kind of explains their work more intimately.

Tags: Artist, Story, Work

I was always told at school that you had to have a back-up plan, but all I ever wanted to do was act. There was no plan B for me.

Tags: Plan, School, Wanted

I'm a dad, and I can tell you it's the most beautiful thing in the world.

Tags: Beautiful, Dad, Tell

I'm constantly trying to find something that's different from me, whereas some actors do the same thing, again and again. That's not for me.

Tags: Again, Constantly, Trying

Life is more important than 'what film I do next.'

Tags: Film, Life, Next

The buzz you get when you're playing a song and everyone is screaming and dancing and what have you and singing along is incredible.

Tags: Everyone, Playing, Song

The thing about travelling is that you work hard and play hard, but you can do all those things without your parents knowing.

Tags: Hard, Parents, Work

There are so many elements that make a good film. You need a great director who's driving it.

Tags: Film, Good, Great

Anyone who's got a guitar, you like to pick it up. I can play a couple of songs, some '50s rock and roll, a bit of Elvis. That's it, really - I'm not a musician, I'm not a singer.

Tags: Anyone, Guitar, Rock

I was lucky enough, when I was younger, to have the chance to do as much as possible, and I found what I wanted to do. I did swimming, gymnastics, kickboxing and the one that took off more than the others was acting.

Tags: Acting, Enough, Others

It's funny because if you ever ask anyone in England to try and do a Beatles accent, no one knows what they really sound like. If you ask anyone in America, they would try and give it a go. English people just know their songs.

Tags: America, Funny, Give

My world was completely different to other boys my age. When I was six I was earning money, and by 10 I was paying more tax than the parents of other pupils. I feel a lot older than my years. Because I was working with adults, I had to mature a lot quicker.

Tags: Age, Money, Parents

'Pulp Fiction' was probably one of the first films I ever saw that really kind of took effect on me. I was about four years old - obviously wasn't supposed to be seeing that film; my sister kind of sneaked it out and we got to see it. She's older than me. That was something I always used to watch.

Tags: Old, She, Used
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