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Angie Harmon's Quotes

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Born: 1972-08-10
Profession: Model
Nation: American
Biography of Angie Harmon

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I think one of the greatest things about the Republican Party is the understanding, we don't point fingers and we have class.

Tags: Greatest, Point, Republican

I want my girls to be strong and self-sufficient.

Tags: Strong

I work 90 hours a week. I work 5 to 9, it's not 9 to 5.

Tags: Hours, Week, Work

I wouldn't say Hollywood is anti-Republican, I certainly haven't experienced that.

Tags: Hollywood

It breaks my heart that I don't see my daughters every day, don't get to hug them and brush their hair.

Tags: Hair, Heart, Hug

My biggest insecurity is that my personality is too much, and as I get older, it's just getting bigger.

Tags: Getting, Insecurity, Older

My husband is the most brilliant father on the planet.

Tags: Brilliant, Father, Husband

Let me tell you, when you're pregnant with the first one, it's great of course, all new and 'Yay!' With the second one it's still okay; you can pay attention to number one and she can share in the joy of the pregnancy.

Tags: Great, Joy, Tell

When I'm not working, I would kill to have some sort of creative outlet other than, say, a coloring book. And when I'm working, I want to do all those things I was griping about - you know, make a turkey-and-cheese sandwich, put it in a zip-top bag, and stick it in a lunch box right now!

Tags: Book, Put, Working

Cancer affects everyone, and it's up to all of us to support the important research that can one day make a much sought-after cure a reality.

Tags: Everyone, Reality, Support

Here's kind of my motto - if you're not happy at home, you're not happy anywhere else.

Tags: Happy, Home, Motto

When I feel like I'm not doing what I am supposed to as a mother, I will torture myself. I don't know how to deal with it. I find some consolation in the fact that all mommies feel it. If there was a way to cure mommy guilt, I would bottle it and be a bazillionaire.

Tags: Fact, Guilt, Mother

After I quote unquote came out as a Republican, one of my dearest gay friends said to me, 'You've got to go on a T.V. show and tell everyone you like gay people.' I was like, 'Why?' He was like, 'Because you're a Republican.' I was like, 'I'm sorry who's stereotyping who?'

Tags: Friends, Gay, Sorry

I pray every day for my little girls. It's hard out there for the younger generation.

Tags: Generation, Hard, Pray

It's not like I don't have my own wants and dreams anymore - it's just that the kids come first. It's primal.

Tags: Dreams, Kids, Wants

I'm super organized, but a horrible house cleaner.

Tags: Horrible, House, Super

When I get bored, I get into trouble.

Tags: Bored, Trouble

I was not the most attractive child. I had two really big buck teeth. I was horrendous - long, lanky and gangly.

Tags: Attractive, Big, Child

I'm the kind of person who wants the people around me to be comfortable, to laugh, and to have a fabulous time - I want them to be as happy as I am.

Tags: Happy, Laugh, Time

I'm very, very modest.

Tags: Modest

I've got three daughters and I'm going to stand up for them and support them in whatever they want to do.

Tags: Stand, Support, Whatever

I've never been a good patient. I'm not good with pain. It is not for me.

Tags: Good, Pain, Patient

I don't care if you're Republican or a Democrat or a Liberal, getting crucified for the way you think or believe, obviously if it's not hurting anyone, it's just Un-American.

Tags: Care, Getting, Hurting

I'm just confused as to where we lost that in America because it is everyone's God-given right to think the way they think and that's fine. That's why our ancestors came here to America, to believe what they want, pray how they want and follow a religion with whoever they want.

Tags: Confused, Lost, Religion

I might not understand everything a Democrat or liberal thinks but hey let's be honest, I don't understand some of the things the Republicans think, but that doesn't make me some dumb hick that doesn't have the right to live here.

Tags: Here, Honest, Understand

I think it's very hard in this day and age to raise little girls with morals, ethics and values, and them knowing that they are precious creations and that they are important.

Tags: Age, Hard, Knowing
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If I have anything to say against Obama it's not because I'm a racist, it's because I don't like what he's doing as President and anybody should be able to feel that way, but what I find now is that if you say anything against him you're called a racist.

Tags: Able, Against, Him

All mothers go through the exact same things.

Tags: Exact, Mothers

As an actor all we want to do is act and play people.

Tags: Act, Actor

I don't have the time to curl up on my couch with a good book.

Tags: Book, Good, Time

I don't want to be unapproachable.

Tags: Head, Keep, Waiting

I learned a long time ago that it doesn't make me less of a woman because my babies come out of a different place. My C-sections have been fine.

Tags: Learned, Time, Woman

I left 'Law and Order' because I really honestly did want to do movies and did want to be a movie star since I was a little girl.

Tags: Girl, Law, Movies