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Belated Quotes

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Well, the music industry is littered with actors who belatedly came to singing.

Tags: Industry, Music, Singing  ✍ Author: Jeff Daniels

I think now, we in the international community are belatedly wanting to show our solidarity with the Somali peoples and also do our best to help them move to better times.

Tags: Best, Help, Show  ✍ Author: Jan Egeland

At the end of my life, I have achieved belated fame and recognition in the city of my birth.

Tags: End, Fame, Life  ✍ Author: Leon Askin

The west has a great deal to answer for in the Middle East, from Britain's belated empire-building after the First World War to the US and British policy that condemns modern Iraq to the material and social squalor of a half-century ago.

Tags: After, Great, War  ✍ Author: James Buchan

An epitaph is a belated advertisement for a line of goods that has been discontinued.

Tags: Epitaph, Goods, Line  ✍ Author: Irvin S. Cobb

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