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Beau Mirchoff's Profile

Brief about Beau Mirchoff: By info that we know Beau Mirchoff was born at 1989-01-13. And also Beau Mirchoff is Canadian Actor.

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A girl who is interesting and educated and can spark conversation - I find that extremely sexy.

Tags: Educated, Girl, Sexy

A healthy relationship is built on unwavering trust.

Tags: Built, Healthy, Trust

I love a woman who can out-eat me.

Tags: Love, Woman

I missed a lot of school for auditions, but other than that I had a very normal childhood.

Tags: Childhood, Normal, School

I would like to do a period piece. I think that would be fun.

Tags: Fun, Period, Piece

I'm not classically trained or anything, but I'll rip up a dance floor.

Tags: Dance, Floor, Rip

I'm pretty easy going, I think.

Tags: Easy, Pretty

I've been in a few love triangles. I've been in a love quadrilateral.

Tags: Few, Love

If youre in an awkward position, feel comfortable enough to walk away.

Tags: Away, Enough, Walk

Ladies, I'll let you in on a lil secret: guys don't notice your nails.

Tags: Guys, Ladies, Secret

Netflix, I love you.

Tags: Love, Netflix

When I was probably 5 or 6, my mother put me into an acting, singing, and dancing class.

Tags: Acting, Mother, Put

When people are nervous, some people move around. Some people scratch their leg.

Tags: Move, Nervous, Scratch

I remember actually liking a girl in high school who was kind of an outcast and weird, and people made fun of her. I remember hanging out with her, but I was apprehensive about telling anyone I really liked her.

Tags: Fun, Girl, School

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