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Bruce Vilanch's Profile

Brief about Bruce Vilanch: By info that we know Bruce Vilanch was born at 1948-11-23. And also Bruce Vilanch is American Comedian.

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Eddie Izzard is absolutely brilliant. I would love to write something for him.

Tags: Him, Love, Write

I do a lot of screen re-writing.

Tags: Screen

I've written about 15 screenplays and they all sold - they were all sold on pitches.

Tags: Pitches, Sold, Written

It's really live television, the way God meant it to be.

Tags: God, Meant, Television

What makes me laugh? Richard Nixon always made me laugh.

Tags: Laugh, Makes, Nixon

Generally with the Oscars or the Emmys there isn't much you can do until the nominations are announced. Then you know what kind of year you're dealing with - what's been overlooked, what the issues are.

Tags: Issues, Until, Year

I mean, I've sold all these scripts and nothing's been made. Studios have closed, stars have died. I had a director find Jesus. And the pictures just don't get made.

Tags: Jesus, Mean, Stars

I mean, when I started out I was billing per hour, like a shrink because you would sit with somebody and work. But most of it, if it's for a live show it's usually a buy-out. A flat fee.

Tags: Mean, Show, Work

I write screenplays that don't get made and pilots that don't get picked up, and I re-write other people's movies, and those are all different kinds of fees.

Tags: Kinds, Movies, Write

It's the biggest party in the world, and you have to keep the whole thing percolating, which is difficult because a lot of awards most people don't care about.

Tags: Care, Difficult, Keep

They make a humongous profit, but the people that work on the shows don't get paid a lot because they're working on the Oscars show. It's the biggest show in the world.

Tags: Show, Work, Working
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