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Danny Aiello's Profile

Brief about Danny Aiello: By info that we know Danny Aiello was born at 1933-06-20. And also Danny Aiello is American Actor.

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I was 40 when I did my first movie.

Tags: Movie

An album is such a personal thing. It's something I always wanted to do. It's me doing me, singing as me.

Tags: Personal, Singing, Wanted

At some point in my life, before I was gone, I wanted to make an album, even if it was for no reason other than posterity.

Tags: Life, Reason, Wanted

Death can't be so bad if mom went through it. It makes it easier for the child to follow.

Tags: Bad, Death, Mom

I don't know anyone who curses the way they do on the Sopranos. Not in an Italian household. I never said the word hell in front of my mother.

Tags: Hell, Mother, Said

I fell in love with the most beautiful girl in the Bronx.

Tags: Beautiful, Girl, Love

I have sons, and they have never said the word hell in front of me or my wife. That's the truth.

Tags: Hell, Truth, Wife

I need distractions. Good distractions, not bad ones. A good distraction for me is a great play.

Tags: Bad, Good, Great

I used to make up stories about my father. I would go to the movies and look for a character who looked like my father.

Tags: Character, Father, Movies

I was just so blatantly shy throughout my life.

Tags: Life, Shy, Throughout

I'm a traditionalist. I have certain values I live by.

Tags: Values

If I didn't start singing in the cabarets and on my albums, I could have never even tried something like 'Capone.'

Tags: Singing, Start, Tried

If I stunk for some reason, you can always blame it on the character.

Tags: Blame, Character, Reason

My father never saw me play ball, and I was an outstanding ballplayer. I missed all that adoration.

Tags: Ball, Father, Missed

My father was a good man, but he was a con man. He was a wanderer, nomadic.

Tags: Con, Father, Good

My mother was the total influence. My father was what we call a nomadic person; he was a wanderer.

Tags: Father, Influence, Mother

People call me an instinctive actor. I used to consider that an insult early on, only because I had never studied. Now... I love it.

Tags: Insult, Love, Used

The choreographer for the Milton Berle show wanted me to audition. I walked away from that.

Tags: Away, Show, Wanted

You don't have to be worried about labeling me.

Tags: Labeling, Worried

Look, people have an image of Italians. When I go somewhere in the world, I don't care where it is, when they look at me it's not about my intelligence. It's who can I beat up.

Tags: Beat, Care, Image
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