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Doug Davidson's Profile

Brief about Doug Davidson: By info that we know Doug Davidson was born at 1954-10-24. And also Doug Davidson is American Actor.

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I have a TV Soap Boomerang award, and I always start my year with the Australian Open tennis! Tennis, soccer, you name it.

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I used to let a lot of unimportant things bother me. I don't anymore. Right now, things are going great in my life. It used to be when that happened, I would be waiting for something to go wrong. Now I don't expect that - if something negative does happen, I'll deal with it, learn from it and realize it is the way it is supposed to be.

Tags: Great, Life, Waiting

For me, personally, I really get a kick out of game shows. I like the play-along factor.

Tags: Game, Kick, Shows

I always wanted to host a show, throw whipped-cream pies. Theater is not my cup of tea.

Tags: Show, Tea, Wanted

I like to sail. My son Caden and I are avid sailors.

Tags: Sail, Sailors, Son

I lost my mother, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, and we had to relocate my dad after 58 years in the family home. That was tough.

Tags: Dad, Family, Home

If you win all the time, you lose the drama in life. To make the happy moments happy, you need the sad moments too.

Tags: Life, Sad, Time

It's much easier for me to be silly than it is to be serious on soap opera.

Tags: Opera, Serious, Silly

My favorite tennis player, who I'm amazed by, is Roger Federer.

Tags: Favorite, Player, Tennis

My priorities are my family and my job. I have little time for much else.

Tags: Family, Job, Time

One of the things I think you need to be a good emcee is silliness. And I'm basically a silly guy.

Tags: Good, Guy, Silly

Father's Day was great, but all the family gatherings brought up my mother's death. Maybe it's me, because I am a wimp. We would get together, but there was someone missing!

Tags: Death, Family, Great

I hope that 9/11 has grouped us as one, and in doing so it has united us. Perhaps as a unit we can help each other get ahead, survive and succeed in this free world. And hey guys, let's not forget out manners!!

Tags: Forget, Help, Hope

I think its really matured a lot. I like the fact that there is now more to do there than gamble, since I don't do a lot of that. The people are great. I seldom have time for vacations and when I do I prefer the beach instead of the desert.

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The crew members for 'The Price Is Right' at night are the same guys who work 'Y&R' during the day. It's even in the same studio. I've been in the place for 15 years. So all the faces at 'The Price Is Right' are familiar.

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We moved to a place where we felt the children could have as normal an upbringing as possible. Los Angeles was not it. We live in a place with clean air and animals.

Tags: Children, Place, Possible
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