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Gio Gonzalez's Profile

Brief about Gio Gonzalez: By info that we know Gio Gonzalez was born at 1985-09-19. And also Gio Gonzalez is American Athlete.

Some Gio Gonzalez's quotes. Goto "Gio Gonzalez's quotation" section for more.

At 19, I was still figuring out how to throw a fastball.

Tags: Fastball, Figuring, Throw

I couldn't throw a knuckleball if my life depended on it.

Tags: Depended, Life, Throw

I remember my rookie hazing. It wasn't fun.

Tags: Fun, Remember, Rookie

I remember when I started off, my first car was a Kia Spectra. With a spoiler kit and some rims.

Tags: Car, Off, Remember

I'm Cuban-American, everybody says. I have a Cuban background, Cuban blood.

Tags: Blood, Everybody, Says

I'm definitely not a 'Fast and a Furious' guy.

Tags: Definitely, Fast, Guy

It's an honor to represent a Latin culture.

Tags: Culture, Honor, Represent

To be a small town kid from Hialeah, Fla., pitching in Miami and representing Team U.S.A., that says it all. It's a kid's dream. Don't pinch me. I don't want to wake up.

Tags: Dream, Small, Team

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