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Helle Thorning-Schmidt's Profile

Brief about Helle Thorning-Schmidt: By info that we know Helle Thorning-Schmidt was born at 1966-12-14. And also Helle Thorning-Schmidt is Danish Politician.

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Without growth we can't pay down our debt, and without growth there's no money for welfare.

Tags: Debt, Growth, Money

But what sets Europe apart is we insist on a social model that consists of solidarity, equal opportunity and a certain amount of redistribution.

Tags: Equal, Europe, Social

Denmark needs change, Denmark needs to move on and Denmark needs my leadership.

Tags: Change, Leadership, Move

I know too much about British politics to comment on British politics.

Tags: British, Comment, Politics

I really appreciate the British part of my family.

Tags: Appreciate, British, Family

I'm taking care of the children, doing a bit of cooking and trying to do a bit of DIY around the house. But that's not going too well.

Tags: Care, Children, Trying

Of course we have to address the deficit if we win.

Tags: Address, Deficit, Win

People want to make sacrifices but they don't want to be sacrificed.

Tags: Sacrificed, Sacrifices

So yes, European decision making is not pretty. But it does work.

Tags: Decision, Pretty, Work

This is not an election where we hand out gifts. It is an election where we ask everyone to contribute more.

Tags: Election, Everyone, Hand

We are not jumping on the austerity bandwagon. A healthy economy is by far the most important thing for Social Democrats.

Tags: Far, Healthy, Social

We can say farewell to 10 years of bourgeois rule... now we have the opportunity to change Denmark.

Tags: Change, Farewell, Rule

We did it. Make no mistake: We have written history. Today there's a change of guards in Denmark.

Tags: Change, History, Today

We have the opportunity to change Denmark - that opportunity must be seized.

Tags: Change, Denmark, Seized

For young girls, whom I meet a lot when I travel around the country, it will be a big thing. It will really show them that there's no post in Denmark that a girl can't aspire to.

Tags: Country, Girl, Travel

I feel like giving myself a pat on the back. We can create history tonight. We can bid goodbye to 10 years of (Liberal-Conservative) government which has ground to a halt, and get a new government and a new majority in Denmark.

Tags: Giving, Government, History
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