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Jorma Taccone's Profile

Brief about Jorma Taccone: By info that we know Jorma Taccone was born at 1977-03-19. And also Jorma Taccone is American Actor.

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I went to the doctor recently and she actually prescribed that I go out for ten minutes a day, I'm so depleted on vitamin D.

Tags: Actually, Doctor, She

I'm probably the most excited about 'Turtleneck & Chain.'

Tags: Chain, Excited, Turtleneck

It wasn't until I got 'SNL' that my parents told me they were a little bit worried, like that I would have food to eat.

Tags: Food, Parents, Until

Justin Timberlake puts you to shame, having that much talent.

Tags: Justin, Shame, Talent

Ladies seem very intrigued by a guy who is ultra confident and acts like he doesn't need you.

Tags: Guy, Ladies, Seem

'MacGruber' came to life mostly because we just liked saying 'MacGyver.' 'MacGyver' this. 'MacGyver' that. It's a great word.

Tags: Great, Life, Saying

Something I always admire, especially in female comedians, is that they're willing to make themselves look terrible.

Tags: Terrible, Themselves, Willing

When we came out with 'Lazy Sunday,' the greatest compliment I heard was that Questlove had it on his iPod.

Tags: Greatest, Lazy, Sunday

Why can't ladies like nice guys?

Tags: Guys, Nice, Why

I grew up in Berkeley and my parents were hippies, obviously, since my name's 'Jorma.' I didn't watch much television growing up because they weren't into it at all.

Tags: Growing, Parents, Since

I was just blown away by everything my dad was doing, every play. It was amazing to be able to go as a young person to the theater and see these visuals and how creative it could be. More than anything it was realizing you could do that as a life path.

Tags: Amazing, Dad, Life

I'm a little younger than these guys, but I would say all of us are huge fans of the original 'MacGyver' series, and obviously we found that inspiration for the original pitch for 'MacGruber.'

Tags: Fans, Found, Guys

It's still amazing to me to walk down the halls of 'SNL.' You see pictures of the greatest comedians we grew up worshiping, basically. It's crazy to be able to still work there.

Tags: Amazing, Crazy, Work

Just the fact that that Europe album 'The Final Countdown' came out in 1986 and 'Rad' came out in 1986... I'm starting to think that maybe 1986 is my favorite year, of all time!

Tags: Fact, Time, Year

Obviously, as the music business has suffered tremendously, with being able to illegally download everything, it's also become amazingly easy to find new bands, because everyone can put their stuff online. Even if you can't find a record label, you can find these awesome bands, all over the world.

Tags: Business, Music, Put

We did the 'MacGruber' Super Bowl spot for Pepsi, which generated some outside interest. We have a sketch where a guy blows up after 90 seconds. How are we going to make that into a movie?

Tags: After, Guy, Movie

When you first see MacGruber working on the bomb, in the initial opening credits, that bomb was a replica of the 'Die Hard' bomb. The love runs deep for '80s action movies.

Tags: Deep, Love, Movies

Valor is of no service, chance rules all, and the bravest often fall by the hands of cowards.

Tags: Chance, Often, Service

All things atrocious and shameless flock from all parts to Rome.

Tags: Atrocious, Rome, Shameless

Custom adapts itself to expediency.

Tags: Custom, Expediency
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