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Irvin S. Cobb's Profile

Brief about Irvin S. Cobb: By info that we know Irvin S. Cobb was born at 1970-01-01. And also Irvin S. Cobb is American Journalist.

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As I understand it, sport is hard work for which you do not get paid.

Tags: Hard, Understand, Work

Middle age: when you begin to exchange your emotions for symptoms.

Tags: Age, Begin, Emotions

A good storyteller is a person with a good memory and hopes other people haven't.

Tags: Good, Hopes, Memory

A woman may have a witty tongue or a stinging pen but she will never laugh at her own individual shortcomings.

Tags: Laugh, May, Woman

An epitaph is a belated advertisement for a line of goods that has been discontinued.

Tags: Epitaph, Goods, Line

I've just learned about his illness. Let's hope it's nothing trivial.

Tags: Hope, Illness, Learned

A funeral eulogy is a belated plea for the defense delivered after the evidence is all in.

Tags: After, Defense, Evidence

Humor is merely tragedy standing on its head with its pants torn.

Tags: Head, Humor, Tragedy

If writers were good businessmen, they'd have too much sense to be writers.

Tags: Good, Sense, Writers

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