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Hopes Quotes

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The presence of the Holy Spirit is the keystone of all our hopes.

Tags: Holy, Spirit  ✍ Author: John Nelson Darby

I want my boys to have an understanding of people's emotions, their insecurities, people's distress, and their hopes and dreams.

Tags: Dreams, Emotions  ✍ Author: Princess Diana

To persevere, trusting in what hopes he has, is courage in a man.

Tags: Courage, Persevere  ✍ Author: M. C. Escher

There is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started out with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet which fails so regularly, as love.

Tags: Love, Started  ✍ Author: Erich Fromm

I always entertain great hopes.

Tags: Entertain, Great  ✍ Author: Robert Frost

He that hopes no good fears no ill.

Tags: Fear, Good  ✍ Author: Thomas Fuller

Balancing hopes, desires and an appreciating of the possibilities with a clear-eyed assessment of the limitations: that is the art of choosing.

Tags: Art, Desires  ✍ Author: Sheena Iyengar

My music is my way to rearrange the world according to my own hopes.

Tags: According, Music  ✍ Author: Stephan Jenkins

I have my share of insecurities, hopes and fears.

Tags: Fears, Share  ✍ Author: Stephan Jenkins

My hopes are not always realized, but I always hope.

Tags: Hope, Realized  ✍ Author: James Otis

Vain hopes are like certain dreams of those who wake.

Tags: Dreams, Vain  ✍ Author: Sean Quinn

We promise in proportion to our hopes, and we deliver in proportion to our fears.

Tags: Fears, Promise  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

We promise according to our hopes and perform according to our fears.

Tags: Fears, Promise  ✍ Author: Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Extreme hopes are born from extreme misery.

Tags: Born, Misery  ✍ Author: Bertrand Russell

I never intended to be a professional writer; as the story developed, the one thing I had in my hopes was that this would be something tangible to separate me from the nameless, numbered masses.

Tags: Story, Writer  ✍ Author: R. A. Salvatore

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.

Tags: Future, Hurts  ✍ Author: Robert H. Schuller

I do not give money for just mere hopes.

Tags: Give, Money  ✍ Author: Tila Tequila

Music is intended and designed for sentient beings that have hopes and purposes and emotions.

Tags: Emotions, Music  ✍ Author: Jacques Barzun

I hope our hopes and aspirations are bigger than setting records.

Tags: Bigger, Hope  ✍ Author: Drew Brees

To pin your hopes upon the future is to consign those hopes to a hypothesis, which is to say, a nothingness. Here and now is what we must contend with.

Tags: Future, Here  ✍ Author: Angela Carter

For I, hearing my Lord's estate amongst many more estates was to be sold, and that the wives of the owners should have an allowance therefrom, it gave me hopes I should receive a benefit thereby.

Tags: Gave, Lord  ✍ Author: Edith Cavell

If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars.

Tags: Liars, May  ✍ Author: Arthur Hugh Clough

A good storyteller is a person with a good memory and hopes other people haven't.

Tags: Good, Memory  ✍ Author: Irvin S. Cobb

One always hopes that you're going to have influence and staying power, but you never know.

Tags: Influence, Power  ✍ Author: Chris Frantz

The more important the subject and the closer it cuts to the bone of our hopes and needs, the more we are likely to err in establishing a framework for analysis.

Tags: Needs, Subject  ✍ Author: Stephen Jay Gould
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I guess I harboured hopes that things would happen more quickly, but I'm not disappointed.

Tags: Guess, Happen  ✍ Author: Jerry Greenfield

Even if the hopes you started out with are dashed, hope has to be maintained.

Tags: Hope, Started  ✍ Author: Seamus Heaney

Spend not on hopes.

Tags: Spend  ✍ Author: George Herbert

I will vote my hopes and not my fears.

Tags: Fears, Vote  ✍ Author: Herb Kohl

Canada is a great country, one of the hopes of the world.

Tags: Country, Great  ✍ Author: Jack Layton

With the Union my best and dearest earthly hopes are entwined.

Tags: Best, Union  ✍ Author: Franklin Pierce

Hopes are but the dreams of those that wake.

Tags: Dreams, Inspirational  ✍ Author: Matthew Prior

Nobody should pin their hopes on a miracle.

Tags: Miracle, Nobody  ✍ Author: Vladimir Putin

From sixteen to twenty, all women, kept in humor by their hopes and by their attractions, appear to be good-natured.

Tags: Humor, Women  ✍ Author: Samuel Richardson

Men... are bettered and improved by trial, and refined out of broken hopes and blighted expectations.

Tags: Broken, Men  ✍ Author: Frederick William Robertson

The nineteenth century was completely lacking in logic, it had cosmic terms and hopes, and aspirations, and discoveries, and ideals but it had no logic.

Tags: Century, Logic  ✍ Author: Gertrude Stein

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