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Jennie Finch's Profile

Brief about Jennie Finch: By info that we know Jennie Finch was born at 1980-09-03. And also Jennie Finch is American Athlete.

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I was honored to wear 'Arizona' across my chest. I am extremely blessed to have my education completely paid for and take part in the great tradition of Wildcat softball. To have my jersey number retired was the ultimate compliment.

Tags: Blessed, Education, Great

There is nothing better than to make it to the College World Series. All of the extra reps in the weight room, all of the early morning practices, and all the hard work spent the entire year makes it worth it.

Tags: Hard, Morning, Work

Try not to get lost in comparing yourself to others. Discover your gifts and let them shine! Softball is amazing that way as a sport. Everyone on the field has a slightly different ability that makes them perfect for their position.

Tags: Amazing, Lost, Yourself

And my dad drilled it in my head, you know, 'If you want it bad enough, and you're willing to make the sacrifices, you can do it. But first you have to believe in yourself.

Tags: Bad, Dad, Yourself

Whatever I am doing at that moment, I want to make the most of it.

Tags: Moment, Whatever

When I was 12, I had a coach tell me I would never be a championship pitcher. That devastated me. I was crushed.

Tags: Coach, Pitcher, Tell

I hate losing.

Tags: Hate, Losing

I mean, I love winning, but losing is a much more intense feeling.

Tags: Feeling, Love, Winning

It is incredible how far women have come and women in sports have come.

Tags: Far, Sports, Women

There's nothing better than working up a good sweat.

Tags: Good, Sweat, Working

Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball.

Tags: Amazing, Baseball, Women

I try to not be too hard on myself regarding my diet. I've always been a workout-to-eat kind of a girl.

Tags: Diet, Girl, Hard

I'm playing first base and pitching and hitting. I feel like I'm almost better than I've ever been. It's like, 'You're going to walk away like this?'

Tags: Almost, Away, Playing

I've faced more than 35 major leaguers, and only two have ever made contact against me.

Tags: Against, Contact, Faced

If I'm with my sons, I want to give them 100 percent. Whatever I am doing at that moment, I want to make the most of it.

Tags: Give, Moment, Whatever

It is one thing to play for your university. It is another to play for your country.

Tags: Another, Country, University

It's all about balance and, I think, being in the moment.

Tags: Balance, Moment

It's so empowering to see yourself as a machine.

Tags: Empowering, Machine, Yourself

Right now in my career, it's like I'm having more fun than I've ever had, so it's kind of like, 'Man, I can't stop now.'

Tags: Career, Fun, Stop

This whole career has been way more than I ever even imagined or dreamed.

Tags: Career, Dreamed, Whole
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