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Joe Grant's Profile

Brief about Joe Grant: By info that we know Joe Grant was born at 1908-05-15. And also Joe Grant is American Artist.

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Dali had a good sense of humor - obviously you could tell just looking at him; he was funny.

Tags: Funny, Good, Humor

A simple idea. And the man that worked on it, Mike Gabriel, doubled the value. Beautiful job. I should say triple. We have others like that, but, unfortunately, shorts, which are my favorite approach, are economically of no value.

Tags: Beautiful, Job, Simple

Actually, everything has been said in print... it's a battle of giants and it's something that Walt would say is none of your business - go right on and create the best you can.

Tags: Battle, Best, Business

Actually, no, but I am close to the people who are working on Chicken Little, and I'm very close to the people over at Pixar. I mean, as far as stories are concerned, almost everything we have could be told that way.

Tags: Far, Mean, Working

Lighting is vital. Without that they've got nothing. And, of course, color and texture. When they showed me a little piece of Finding Nemo, I said this has got to be the biggest hit.

Tags: Color, Hit, Said

Pixar is going in the direction of the early Disney. And it's also corporate, where they have four or five projects in the works. I don't want to get into that subject.

Tags: Direction, Early, Four

They want more production and they want it cheaper. But no matter what happens, the creative idea will be perpetuated by somebody who comes up with a vision. I don't care if there are three ceos - it takes one guy with an idea.

Tags: Care, Creative, Matter

What is he? He's a puppeteer and he's got a lot of inspiration all around him, and the fact that they can manipulate the expressions now with ease compared to what it used to be.

Tags: Fact, Him, Used

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