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Johnny Olson's Profile

Brief about Johnny Olson: By info that we know Johnny Olson was born at 1910-05-22. And also Johnny Olson is American Entertainer.

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Ladies be seated, the party has only begun.

Tags: Begun, Ladies, Party

A voice can also repel, infuriate or actually make a listener ill.

Tags: Actually, Ill, Voice

Because of her interest and demands, I amplified an average baritone voice into one that is loud and clear.

Tags: Her, Interest, Voice

From where I sit now, I like the looks of tomorrow.

Tags: Looks, Sit, Tomorrow

I have come up the hard way.

Tags: Hard

I rode into the dawning world of television in 1944 on a train.

Tags: Rode, Television, Train

It took 35 years, but the time was well spent and I think I have established a good stake in the future.

Tags: Future, Good, Time

Ladies be seated, a laugh doesn't cost you a dime.

Tags: Cost, Ladies, Laugh

Ladies be seated, and let's have a wonderful time!

Tags: Ladies, Time, Wonderful

Lights became so hot they melted mascara on women's faces in early television.

Tags: Early, Hot, Women

They'll invite you to all the parties, but that doesn't mean you have to go all the time.

Tags: Mean, Parties, Time

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