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Juice Newton's Profile

Brief about Juice Newton: By info that we know Juice Newton was born at 1952-02-18. And also Juice Newton is American Musician.

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I'm not a toy boy, bellybutton band, so I don't have to worry about that. Actually, I never did.

Tags: Actually, Band, Worry

And looking at today's music scene, I think it's cool that there are a lot of consumers and fans not limited by what radio and the record companies tell them to buy.

Tags: Cool, Music, Today

And I think that we're more of an alternative act in that sense, and that flavor comes across to the audience.

Tags: Act, Audience, Sense

As you know, the business is cyclic with styles. It's no different from clothing styles.

Tags: Business, Clothing, Styles

I can't live off of yesterday - that's in the past.

Tags: Off, Past, Yesterday

I like the big ups. I'm into the big ups.

Tags: Big, Ups

I never stopped working, but I did let my contract run out. And I didn't really actively pursue it.

Tags: Pursue, Run, Working

I work a lot, and not just in Las Vegas.

Tags: Vegas, Work

I'll do a cappella stuff, rock 'n' roll and swing stuff.

Tags: Rock, Roll, Stuff

I'm just thrilled to see people enjoying the music.

Tags: Enjoying, Music, Thrilled

I'm really fortunate that I've had some mega hits.

Tags: Fortunate, Hits, Mega

I've always enjoyed playing live onstage.

Tags: Enjoyed, Playing

I've been lucky. I've had this history of having an appeal to more than one type of audience.

Tags: Audience, History, Lucky

I've had the big ups and the big downs.

Tags: Big, Downs, Ups

In between that time, I've done book narrating, you know, books on tape for Dove Audio.

Tags: Book, Done, Time

It would be nice to garner new fans and make it a success - and success is relevant, we already know all that.

Tags: Fans, Nice, Success

My biggest successes were mainly in the pop market during the 80s.

Tags: Biggest, Market, Pop

Our show doesn't rely on the typical whistles and bells, and smoke and mirrors. It relies mostly on the music.

Tags: Music, Show, Smoke

The very fact that I've had those established me to continue on to do new music and new projects.

Tags: Continue, Fact, Music

This genre of music seems to want to push people into a certain time slot, which is unfortunate.

Tags: Music, Seems, Time

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