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Katey Sagal's Profile

Brief about Katey Sagal: By info that we know Katey Sagal was born at 1954-01-19. And also Katey Sagal is American Athlete.

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I think the biggest change has been realizing I now have three children.

Tags: Change, Children, Three

I think we respond well when we do something well.

Tags: Respond

I wanted to be a rock star when I grew up, or at least a singer/songwriter.

Tags: Rock, Star, Wanted

I was kind of lost for several years.

Tags: Lost, Several

I was very rebellious.

Tags: Rebellious

I work with all these amazing voice actors that do a kajillion voices.

Tags: Amazing, Voice, Work

I'm a pretty emotional person.

Tags: Emotional, Pretty

I'm not a Facebook/Twitter gal, but my husband is.

Tags: Facebook, Husband, Twitter

I've certainly experienced physical pain in my life.

Tags: Life, Pain, Physical

I've done comedy most of my career, which I love, but I wanted to expand.

Tags: Career, Done, Love

I've never loved anybody the way I love my children.

Tags: Children, Love, Loved

I've never played a character that would sing.

Tags: Character, Played, Sing

I've never worked on a lawyer show for a long time, but I imagine the actors all start acting like lawyers.

Tags: Acting, Start, Time

It's great to be mean, it is, it's fun.

Tags: Fun, Great, Mean

It's so weird that I play this woman who pretty much deals with violence on a daily basis, and I'm such a wimp in who I am.

Tags: Daily, Pretty, Woman

It's sort of the mixed blessing of being on television for so long in one thing; sometimes that backfires, in that you're not able to continue on.

Tags: Able, Blessing, Sometimes

'Married with Children' was racy. It was sexist. It was a lot of things, but mostly it was funny.

Tags: Children, Funny, Married

Music is extremely intuitive, which acting too in a different way.

Tags: Acting, Intuitive, Music

My parents were very artistic, but busy.

Tags: Artistic, Busy, Parents

My thing about having another child was, time's-a-wasting!

Tags: Another, Child, Time
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