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Keeth Smart's Profile

Brief about Keeth Smart: By info that we know Keeth Smart was born at 1978-07-29. And also Keeth Smart is American Athlete.

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Being properly prepared is one of the biggest assets in business and in athletic competition.

Tags: Biggest, Business, Prepared

Brooklyn is a very weird borough.

Tags: Brooklyn, Weird

I've always dreamed of an Olympic medal.

Tags: Dreamed, Medal, Olympic

In my job, whenever I delivered a presentation I would rehearse several times before the actual event. In sport, it is important to be equally prepared about my opponents.

Tags: Job, Prepared, Times

Some of my competitors overlook the importance of knowing as much as possible about their opponents, but I think that it is an invaluable asset that I have gained from working.

Tags: Knowing, Possible, Working
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