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Kellan Lutz's Profile

Brief about Kellan Lutz: By info that we know Kellan Lutz was born at 1985-03-15. And also Kellan Lutz is American Actor.

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I probably have more friends from 'Twilight' than I've ever had in my whole life.

Tags: Friends, Life, Whole

I'd love to do a movie like 'The Machinist.' It's an extreme movie but it takes you to a place that is quite impressive.

Tags: Love, Movie, Place

I'm really into extreme sports and just having fun.

Tags: Extreme, Fun, Sports

I've been blessed with a good head on my shoulders and quite a good ability of discernment. I can see through people.

Tags: Blessed, Good, Head

I've never broken a bone in my body, even though I've done some extreme things.

Tags: Body, Broken, Done

'Immortals' is all action. I love action movies. That's really where I want to spearhead my career.

Tags: Career, Love, Movies

It's all about the quality of the fabric, how soft it is and feeling comfortable in what you're wearing.

Tags: Feeling, Quality, Soft

It's funny when people say you have sex appeal or call you the next Brad Pitt. I just laugh. I'm not that. I don't want to be that.

Tags: Funny, Laugh, Sex

Lucky Justin Timberlake has Jessica Biel. I think she would just be the coolest girl to hang out with.

Tags: Girl, Lucky, She

My genetics are good, but they aren't crazy He-Man style.

Tags: Crazy, Good, Style

Producers and studios know what sells. It's nice to be one of the guys that can help sell a movie by taking his shirt off.

Tags: Help, Nice, Off

The coolest part about seeing a girl wear something comfortable is the smile that you can just feel coming through from inside her.

Tags: Girl, Her, Smile

To be completely honest, I didn't know 'Twilight' was a book.

Tags: Book, Honest, Twilight

'Twilight' is such an amazing project, and I think it opened up doors for all of us cast members.

Tags: Amazing, Doors, Project

When I'm at craft services, I make the best-tasting,10-layer meat and cheese sandwich with no bread.

Tags: Bread, Cheese, Meat

When I'm in love with a woman, seeing her in something cozy makes me not want to let go of her when I'm holding her.

Tags: Her, Love, Woman

You could do a hundred projects and still not have the fans that are there for Twilight.

Tags: Fans, Projects, Twilight

I had so many older brothers who beat up on me, so I'm a tough kid. I love mixed martial arts, weapons training, guns, knives, driving fast cars and motorcycles.

Tags: Love, Tough, Training

As far as 'Twilight' goes, I'm in love with my character. I'm in love with the whole series. I love doing the fan conventions around the world, I love to travel. So wherever it fits in, I'd love to continue doing that for the rest of my life. Just meeting the fans who made everything possible from around the world.

Tags: Life, Love, Travel

Because I'm always away, coming home to a clean house means a lot to me. Trust me, I've lived with a lot of roommates, and straight guys are just kids who don't pick up after themselves.

Tags: After, Home, Trust
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