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Kenny Baker's Profile

Brief about Kenny Baker: By info that we know Kenny Baker was born at 1934-08-24. And also Kenny Baker is British Actor.

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I skated in ice shows all over Europe and South Africa for 20 years. I love to ice skate.

Tags: Africa, Europe, Love

I started out Ice skating with Holiday On Ice and just got offered the part of R2 by chance.

Tags: Chance, Holiday, Started

I've been in show business for 50, no, 60 years. I was approached in school to join a variety act.

Tags: Business, School, Show

The Mozilla project is big in terms of lines of code and complexity.

Tags: Big, Lines, Project

But I think it's always difficult when a product that you're using and accustomed to changes.

Tags: Changes, Difficult, Using

I mean, who wants to live waking up... at least I don't want to live waking up everyday about revenge.

Tags: Everyday, Mean, Revenge

Money tends to make people suspicious, if there's any money floating around.

Tags: Floating, Money, Suspicious

Some people are really drawn to technology and I liken them to artists.

Tags: Artists, Drawn, Technology

The Mozilla Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization.

Tags: Foundation, Mozilla, Nonprofit

The organization is a way for people to find us and deal with us and know how we operate.

Tags: Deal

We actually have a real community of people doing useful things.

Tags: Actually, Community, Real

We have a very active testing community which people don't often think about when you have open source.

Tags: Community, Often, Open

We worked very hard to make extensions very simple.

Tags: Hard, Simple, Worked

Many people think that open source projects are sort of chaotic and and anarchistic. They think that developers randomly throw code at the code base and see what sticks.

Tags: Open, Source, Throw

Of course, it's hard to support full-time programmers, so we do get funds from a set of companies that are interested in the health of the Mozilla project and so are willing to support the people working for the Foundation as well.

Tags: Hard, Health, Working

People notice it and they help you participate and see your work included in this project and when we ship our browser, you and millions of other people get to see the fruits of your efforts.

Tags: Help, Project, Work

There's the classic charitable contribution, which we receive thousands, and we're extremely grateful and they often come with notes from people, which are very heartwarming, about how much difference our products have made in their life on the Internet.

Tags: Grateful, Life, Often

We've always been the development project that lived in a time pressured setting and always where commercial entities were relying heavily on releases in a certain time frame.

Tags: Lived, Project, Time

We've broken the code base into logical chunks, called modules, and the foundation staff delegate authority for the modules to people with the most expertise.

Tags: Authority, Broken, Logical
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