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Kenny G's Profile

Brief about Kenny G: By info that we know Kenny G was born at 1956-06-05. And also Kenny G is American Musician.

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I mean, what is music anyway? It's a form of communication - at least for me it is. And that's why I play the kind of music that I think - that I hope - can communicate with people.

Tags: Hope, Mean, Music

I've never personally criticized anyone else's music, but I know that the public's real problem is not the music I make but the perception that I play simple music for money only and for the notoriety and to increase my popularity.

Tags: Money, Music, Simple

I've never really played golf. With the sax, I learned technique well enough so that it feels like part of my body, and I just express myself. That's where I want to get in golf.

Tags: Body, Enough, Learned

Well, Grover Washington was my main influence and when I went to college, I started listening to more of the jazz masters like Sonny Rollins, Cannonball Adderley, and John Coltrane.

Tags: College, Influence, Started

You can't just walk away when somebody recognizes you. You have to take some time out and talk to them. It's not a waste of time - I just love talking to people. And I don't do this to sell records. The truth is, I do what I do because I love it.

Tags: Love, Time, Truth

I approach everything in my life the same way; if it feels right, I know it.

Tags: Approach, Feels, Life

What is music anyway? It's a form of communication, and that's why I play the kind of music that I think - that I hope - can communicate with people.

Tags: Hope, Music, Why

I've learned that you simply can't control those bad vibes.

Tags: Bad, Control, Learned

I really create everything I do from the heart.

Tags: Create, Heart

Finally, I was no longer a student and was making music for myself.

Tags: Making, Music, Student

Maybe the biggest thing that I've learned musically is that anything is possible. Things can work when maybe they don't seem like they can.

Tags: Learned, Possible, Work

The Moment is an album that contains the best music I have ever produced.

Tags: Best, Moment, Music

I just started as a part of the public school music program. I took lessons at the school every Friday and was a part of the school band. I was just a normal kid taking instrumental lessons at school, nothing special.

Tags: Music, School, Special

I started realizing that music is the one area where I've always let go. When that saxophone goes into my mouth, I get into a space where I never think about the notes I've already played or anticipate the notes ahead.

Tags: Music, Space, Started

I think everybody has to kind of decide what the word 'jazz' means to them, and that's fine.

Tags: Everybody, Means, Word

I'm just more into playing golf. It's a great thing.

Tags: Golf, Great, Playing

I'm responsive to my public, but I also follow my heart.

Tags: Follow, Heart, Public

If I even lose my glasses or make a mistake. I become really disappointed in myself.

Tags: Become, Lose, Mistake

It wasn't until Duotones that I felt my true voice come out.

Tags: True, Until, Voice

Just because people play songs with great technique doesn't mean the records are better.

Tags: Great, Mean, Songs
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