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Lance Bass's Profile

Brief about Lance Bass: By info that we know Lance Bass was born at 1979-05-04. And also Lance Bass is American Musician.

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I'm used to people talking about me.

Tags: Talking, Used

I'm very religious.

Tags: Religious

I've always been interested in making movies.

Tags: Interested, Making, Movies

I've always dreamed of having a large family.

Tags: Dreamed, Family, Large

I've been asked too many times to write a book by the fans.

Tags: Book, Times, Write

In Mississippi, you don't admit that you're gay. It's just an awkward thing down South, which is sad.

Tags: Awkward, Gay, Sad

In my older age, I've learned to take things slower, because I used to be that total-fall-in-love-after-a-day guy.

Tags: Age, Learned, Used

It doesn't matter what color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc., everyone should have the same freedoms and liberties.

Tags: Age, Religion, Sex

It's nice not to have to live a double life.

Tags: Double, Life, Nice

People do stupid things in the heat of the moment. I've been in Vegas where I've gotten married for, like, five minutes.

Tags: Married, Moment, Stupid

The beginning of the shows are different. One time we'll say 'Hello, Denver'. Another time we'll say 'Hello, Memphis'. It's always different.

Tags: Another, Beginning, Time

The gay community is very fickle. And I know because I'm part of it and I see it every day.

Tags: Community, Fickle, Gay

Unfortunately, if you don't want to be in the spotlight, get out of it.

Tags: Spotlight

Very few people have the guts to come up to you and say, 'Hey, are you gay?'

Tags: Few, Gay, Guts

We joke about it in the entertainment industry: Every actor wants to be a musician, and every musician wants to be an actor.

Tags: Actor, Joke, Wants

When I go home, all I wanna do is just sleep and eat.

Tags: Eat, Home, Sleep

You know once you get in the business you know what you're getting into.

Tags: Business, Getting, Once

I actually didn't get to go to my prom. I left high school when I was 16 to join 'NSYNC. I felt that was something I always missed out on, and all my friends got to go and would tell me about it.

Tags: Friends, School, Tell

I've definitely, you know, been with women. And I've had great relationships with them where I was definitely in love. It's just I grew to a point where deep inside I knew that I could never truly have a relationship with a woman. I don't know if they ever suspected. It was never brought up.

Tags: Great, Love, Women

Somebody might get criticized for doing some movie that totally sucks, then turn around and be incredible. Every actor goes through that, not just musicians who act.

Tags: Act, Actor, Might

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