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Leni Riefenstahl's Profile

Brief about Leni Riefenstahl: By info that we know Leni Riefenstahl was born at 1902-08-22. And also Leni Riefenstahl is German Director.

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I am fascinated by what is beautiful, strong, healthy, what is living. I seek harmony.

Tags: Beautiful, Living, Strong

I want to see, that's all. This is my life. I want to see.

Tags: Life

Reality doesn't interest me.

Tags: Interest, Reality

Through my optimism I naturally prefer and capture the beauty in life.

Tags: Beauty, Life, Optimism

I feel as though I have lived many lives, experienced the heights and depths of each and like the waves of the ocean, never known rest. Throughout the years, I have looked always for the unusual, for the wonderful, for the mysteries at the heart of life.

Tags: Heart, Life, Wonderful

I set about seeking a thread, a theme, a style, in the realm of legend. Something that might allow me to give free rein to my juvenile sense of romanticism and the beautiful image.

Tags: Beautiful, Free, Give

The applause was so loud and insistent that I had to respond with several encores. I was numb with happiness, when it was over, I knew that this alone must be my life and my world.

Tags: Alone, Happiness, Life
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