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Meshell Ndegeocello's Profile

Brief about Meshell Ndegeocello: By info that we know Meshell Ndegeocello was born at 1968-08-29. And also Meshell Ndegeocello is American Musician.

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Music is my only guide. I don't care if people pigeonhole me. Miles Davis is my hero. He covered Cindy Lauper and Michael Jackson, and he didn't give a hoot about what the purists said.

Tags: Care, Hero, Music

My father was a jazz tenor sax player. He played in a lot of big bands. So I had that sound around me all the time. The first record that really caught my ear was Clifford Brown's 'Brownie Eyes.' I grew up listening to John Coltrane and Illinois Jacquet. This is where I come from... I love improvisational music.

Tags: Love, Music, Time

My favorite period is when we lived in the land of the three-minute song. The Motown thing - I thought they were genius in knowing that's as much as a listener can take.

Tags: Knowing, Song, Thought

My greatest influence is Jimi Hendrix, and if he's been reincarnated, or if he's looking down, sideways, or looking up, I just wanted to tell him that I love him and thank him for opening doors for me. I just wanted to make it beautiful for him.

Tags: Beautiful, Greatest, Love

We're all just bags of bones and muscle and hormones; I'll never understand what makes our minds do the things we do. It's like that statue of the monkey holding a skull. We're trying to use a thing we don't understand to understand ourselves.

Tags: Makes, Trying, Understand

It's hard being bisexual, omnisexual, multisexual, whatever you want to call it, when people have their agenda and expect you to just represent their agenda.

Tags: Expect, Hard, Whatever

Once you encounter people who are really testing the limits of kindness, that's when you start to build up a shield and close yourself down.

Tags: Kindness, Start, Yourself

Allow the artist to finish the piece of work before you critique it.

Tags: Artist, Piece, Work

Any ideas of 'other' are complicated, and otherness is relative to personal ideas of 'normal.'

Tags: Ideas, Normal, Personal

Children are born with their own optimism. They have a clarity and a simplicity that we can only wish for.

Tags: Children, Optimism, Wish

Definitely dub is in my body forever. I think I hear everything through a dub filter. Even when I play rock music, I play through a dub filter.

Tags: Body, Music, Rock

God looks out for fools and babies.

Tags: Fools, God, Looks

I joke that a person of color would never make a movie like 'Midnight in Paris.' Nostalgia isn't so enticing.

Tags: Color, Joke, Movie

I just try to tell a story with a song, and be able to try to transmit the emotion to you. That's all I'm really trying to do.

Tags: Tell, Try, Trying

I think leaders are incapable of the strength that passive resistance entails.

Tags: Leaders, Resistance, Strength

I watch documentaries for information. I watch films to be entertained.

Tags: Films, Watch

I'm always tryin' to do something new, tryin' to look like a beginner.

Tags: Beginner, Tryin

I'm pushing ahead on my own - you no longer need a large record company to make you a star.

Tags: Company, Star

Not to be a Bible-thumper, but there really is nothing new under the sun.

Tags: Sun

There's no hierarchy in suffering. I think songs that are transcendent are the ones where everyone can feel something from it, you know?

Tags: Everyone, Songs, Suffering
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