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Michel Houellebecq's Profile

Brief about Michel Houellebecq: By info that we know Michel Houellebecq was born at 1956-02-26. And also Michel Houellebecq is French Author.

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I find it an absolute pleasure to read travel guides, especially the Michelin guides, and their description of places I know I'll probably never visit. I spend a large part of my life reading descriptions of restaurants.

Tags: Life, Read, Travel

I tend to think that good and evil exist and that the quantity in each of us is unchangeable. The moral character of people is set, fixed until death.

Tags: Character, Death, Good

I think poetry is the only domain where a writer you like can truly be said to influence you, because you read and reread a poem so many times that it simply drills itself into your head.

Tags: Poetry, Said, Times

I think that there is a sharp contrast for most people between life at university, where they meet lots of people, and the moment when they enter the workforce, when they basically no longer meet anyone. Life becomes dull. So as a result people get married to have a personal life. I could elaborate but I think everyone understands.

Tags: Between, Life, Moment

Women are not stupid, but they were not clever enough to realise that feminism did not bring freedom, but the opposite. That's why I'm glad feminism is dead.

Tags: Freedom, Stupid, Women

You know, you don't have to have permanent opinions. You can think, every morning, 'I love the world' and go to bed every night thinking, 'I hate the world.'

Tags: Hate, Love, Morning

The love of a dog is a pure thing. He gives you a trust which is total. You must not betray it.

Tags: Betray, Love, Trust

Active people don't change the world profoundly; ideas do. Napoleon is less important in world history than Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Tags: Change, History, Less

I am for the muscles. I would like to have a lot of muscles, because women like it. I'm for bodybuilding, but it's very exhausting.

Tags: Exhausting, Muscles, Women

I prefer reading to writing. Reading changes your world view. Writing changes absolutely nothing. Except, of course, when it makes you rich.

Tags: Makes, Rich, Writing

I think it's more difficult to live without a religion, definitely.

Tags: Definitely, Difficult, Religion

I think that if I am notorious, it is because other people have decided that this is how I should be.

Tags: Decided, Notorious

I think that if writers don't speak about real life, it's because they don't know it.

Tags: Life, Real, Speak

I'd say that the question whether love still exists plays the same role in my novels as the question of God's existence in Dostoevsky.

Tags: God, Love, Question

In my own writing, I think of myself as a realist who exaggerates a little.

Tags: Realist, Writing

Islam is a dangerous religion.

Tags: Dangerous, Islam, Religion

My novels are all ideas.

Tags: Ideas, Novels

Polemical debates happen all the time in France.

Tags: France, Happen, Time

The Americans are completely stupid. The intellectual level in any single European country is higher than in America.

Tags: Country, Single, Stupid

The great advantage of a novel is you can put in whatever comes into your head - it has the same shape as the human brain.

Tags: Brain, Great, Human