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Muqtada al Sadr's Profile

Brief about Muqtada al Sadr: By info that we know Muqtada al Sadr was born at 1973-08-12. And also Muqtada al Sadr is Iraqi Clergyman.

Some Muqtada al Sadr's quotes. Goto "Muqtada al Sadr's quotation" section for more.

If the government fails to listen to your demands, then you will decide what is best for you.

Tags: Best, Government, Listen

Let the whole world hear that we reject America. No, no to the occupier.

Tags: America, Hear, Whole

Make your enemy afraid, for it is impossible to remain quiet about their moral offences.

Tags: Afraid, Enemy, Impossible

May God preserve you and watch over you.

Tags: God, May, Watch

Open the way before the new government to prove that it is for serving the people.

Tags: Government, Open, Prove

Our main goal as Iraqi people is to drive the occupation out in any way.

Tags: Drive, Goal, Occupation

Our rejection of the occupier at heart is resistance.

Tags: Heart, Rejection, Resistance

The Americans were never interested in what was best for the Shiites.

Tags: Best, Interested

The Iraqi people are suffering just as if they were still under Saddam.

Tags: Iraqi, Saddam, Suffering

The main reason for the armed resistance is the American military presence.

Tags: American, Military, Reason

The resistance does not mean that everyone can carry a weapon. The weapon is only for the people of the weapons.

Tags: Carry, Everyone, Mean

The resistance will be exclusively conducted by only one group. This new group will be defined soon by me.

Tags: Group, Resistance, Soon

The small Satan left and the great Satan came.

Tags: Great, Left, Small

The U.S. will ignore the opinion of the Iraqi people and it will compose the new government according to its own desires.

Tags: Government, Ignore, Opinion

The U.S.-led forces have the money, weapons and huge numbers, but these things are not going to weaken our will because God is with us.

Tags: Forces, God, Money

We are grateful to God.

Tags: God, Grateful

We are still fighters.

Tags: Fighters

We continue to resist the occupier militarily, culturally and by all means of the resistance.

Tags: Continue, Means, Resistance

We do not kill an Iraqi.

Tags: Iraqi

We don't kill Iraqis - our hands do not kill Iraqis. But we target only the occupier with all the means of resistance.

Tags: Hands, Means, Resistance

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