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Raine Maida's Profile

Brief about Raine Maida: By info that we know Raine Maida was born at 1970-02-18. And also Raine Maida is Canadian Musician.

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I don't preach or try to impress my views upon people.

Tags: Impress, Try, Views

I hardly ever write when I'm just feeling great.

Tags: Feeling, Great, Write

I'm just interested in having a handle on my environment.

Tags: Handle, Interested

When I look back over my career, there was so much stress. And it was because of the business. It was always because of the business.

Tags: Business, Career, Stress

'Adbusters' is my favourite reading material, so as soon as you go there, the synapses start firing in a different way. You start taking on things that sometimes I feel are out of our control. That's what basically fuels my creative side.

Tags: Control, Creative, Sometimes

When you sit down and play your music for someone you respect, you get that feeling in your stomach of like: 'Oh my God...' You know if it's not great because you start to feel sick.

Tags: God, Great, Music
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