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Hermann Maier's Profile

Brief about Hermann Maier: By info that we know Hermann Maier was born at 1972-12-07. And also Hermann Maier is Austrian Athlete.

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Ski racing, especially downhill, is a dangerous activity and there are many accidents. It would be really too bad to lose everything because of a crash.

Tags: Bad, Dangerous, Lose

The crowd is wonderful. There is always a superb atmosphere in the finish area. It's good for the World Cup. I missed it a lot when I had to rest and it's so nice to be back here.

Tags: Good, Here, Nice

There is no pressure on me, I can take a lot of risks in the coming weeks. I feel free to ski the way I decide on race-day because the overall title was not my main target this winter.

Tags: Coming, Free, Winter

When I was a child, all I wanted was to enter the Austrian team and to compete on the World Cup tour. I had to fight hard to reach this. I wanted badly to win each race.

Tags: Fight, Hard, Win

I like to win. If I lose, I'm not very happy.

Tags: Happy, Lose, Win

Franz Klammer was my great idol in my younger years.

Tags: Great, Idol, Younger

I lost races because I wanted too much to win them in beating my rivals.

Tags: Lost, Wanted, Win

I still have many goals left, especially the Overall World Cup standings.

Tags: Cup, Goals, Left

I still have more to fight for in the coming years.

Tags: Coming, Fight

I trained well this week but I think it will take some time until I recover my best rhythm in this specialty.

Tags: Best, Time, Until

I was quite moved to see this huge crowd which attended the ceremony in the middle of the town.

Tags: Middle, Quite, Town

I won a great giant slalom in Japan last week, and it gave me momentum for this final part of the season.

Tags: Great, Last, Week

I'm happy to belong to this group of top champions having excelled here.

Tags: Group, Happy, Here

I'm quite excited to think that I will run the Olympic race here next year.

Tags: Here, Next, Year

It was necessary to organize my career to remain at the top level until Salt Lake City.

Tags: Career, Top, Until

It's funny to have become an elegant skier now. But my drive is still the same.

Tags: Become, Drive, Funny

It's good to ski for fun, but I still want to win races as often as possible.

Tags: Fun, Good, Win

One victory more or less doesn't make the difference for me now.

Tags: Difference, Less, Victory

This time, I took it easier. I stood up before it so as not to crash again.

Tags: Again, Time, Took

When you have won everything in your career, what's left? Why go on?

Tags: Career, Why, Won

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