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Rupert Grint's Profile

Brief about Rupert Grint: By info that we know Rupert Grint was born at 1988-08-24. And also Rupert Grint is English Actor.

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One in the third film, I'm looking forward to meeting one of the Dementors.

Tags: Film, Forward, Looking

People recognize me, call me Ron, and ask me questions. It's really cool and weird as well.

Tags: Ask, Cool, Weird

We had a dialogue coach. She helped us with our T's.

Tags: Coach, Helped, She

We had a script reading, and that's where we met J.K. Rowling, which was really exciting.

Tags: Exciting, Reading, Script

We just started filming, and after every scene was shot, we had a rehearsal for the next one.

Tags: After, Next, Started

Yeah, my parents help me keep my feet on the ground.

Tags: Help, Keep, Parents

I am a really big Harry Potter fan and I've seen all the sets, I've lived Harry Potter and I don't think it's destroyed the books at all, I think it's really spot on.

Tags: Big, Books, Seen

I do, kind of, spend a lot. And just on stupid things. Because I don't really know what to do. What are you supposed to do? Um. It just seems like way too much. We don't deserve it, at all, for what we do.

Tags: Deserve, Seems, Stupid

I've never fancied that footballer lifestyle. I suppose I could live that kind of flash life. People stereotype child actors and kind of expect you to go off the rails a bit, be a bit crazy, but that's not really happened yet. I've got a big family so that helps, and they live really close to the studios so it's just so much easier.

Tags: Crazy, Family, Life

In terms of filming, yes, it really does feel over now. There's a real sense of freedom now. It's a good time to finish, I think. As much as I'm going to miss it I'm ready to move on and do different things.

Tags: Freedom, Good, Time

It's not that I find it hard to meet girls - they do come up and chat me up from time to time. Sometimes I'm interested, I tend not to go for the prettier ones. I prefer the quirkier types.

Tags: Hard, Sometimes, Time

Leave home? It's quite a scary thought. I'm not the most independent person and that's the result. When you're always surrounded by people it becomes quite normal.

Tags: Home, Leave, Thought

Ron was always my favorite character, because I feel like I relate to him, like we've both got red hair, we both like sweets, we've both got lots of brothers and sisters.

Tags: Character, Hair, Him

They were just kind of simultaneous - the film ending and the sets being destroyed. I was struck the first time I saw the Great Hall become a big pile of burning rubble and getting scattered around. It's really quite shocking for the fans.

Tags: Become, Great, Time

Well one of the times I did a stunt was in the devil's snare room and they lifted me up on a harness and a safety rope really, really high, and they just dropped me down into the devil's snare.

Tags: Devil, High, Times

After being in Harry Potter, I believe a bit more in magic than I did before.

Tags: After, Bit, Magic

The characters in the book grow up with us. My voice has broken as well.

Tags: Book, Broken, Voice

Being famous is wicked. But it's better to be normal.

Tags: Famous, Normal, Wicked

I get recognised sometimes, and that's really cool. I've tried certain disguises, but that doesn't work.

Tags: Cool, Sometimes, Work

I want Ron to stand up to Malfoy and punish him.

Tags: Him, Punish, Stand
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