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Scott McCloud's Profile

Brief about Scott McCloud: By info that we know Scott McCloud was born at 1960-06-10. And also Scott McCloud is American Cartoonist.

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I don't think the potential for comics in nonfiction has been exploited nearly as much as it could be.

Tags: Comics, Nonfiction, Potential

All through my comics career, I was always trying to reinvent the form.

Tags: Career, Reinvent, Trying

I had a lot of ideas on how comics worked and pretty early on I had this idea that it would be fun to explain them in comics form.

Tags: Fun, Idea, Pretty

I've always been very forward-looking, and it was actually kind of difficult to turn my gaze backwards to look at comics history.

Tags: Actually, Difficult, History

If a comic comes out on the scene and it's really knock-out brilliant, the community is pretty good about getting the word about good newcomers.

Tags: Getting, Good, Pretty

If you think about it, for any kind of content on the web, the natural price per unit of these things should be under a dollar.

Tags: Content, Natural, Price

It wasn't until I discovered comics that I actually began to approach drawing as a possible career.

Tags: Career, Possible, Until

It would take a lifetime to read all the webcomics published in one year.

Tags: Lifetime, Read, Year

My dad was an inventor, and I think I've always had a rosy view of technology, or at least its potential.

Tags: Dad, Technology, View

My first influences were superhero artists.

Tags: Artists, Influences, Superhero

The notion of getting under the hood and explaining how something works, that's fairly familiar territory to me.

Tags: Getting, Hood, Works

There's a very big part of me that just wants to take all of comics history and toss it on the bonfire. I'd sort of like to get on to the future.

Tags: Big, Future, History

Today, comics is one of the very few forms of mass communication in which individual voices still have a chance to be heard.

Tags: Chance, Few, Today

Webcomics are much bigger than any one scene can circumscribe.

Tags: Bigger, Scene

And what better way to reinvent the form than to toss virtually 99% of everything that's been done with it and start with a brand-new canvas, reinvent it from the ground up? Digital comics gave me the opportunity to do that, and producing things digitally gave me the opportunity to do that.

Tags: Done, Gave, Start

My dad was an engineer and so I had this picture of science and technology and pursuits of the mind as being more impressive than artistic pursuits, which I saw a as kind of frivolous.

Tags: Dad, Science, Technology

When you're free of editorial control, you owe it to yourself to obtain feedback from friends and readers. Some take those criticisms to heart and incorporate it into their work, and some ignore them.

Tags: Heart, Work, Yourself
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