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Tamara Ecclestone's Profile

Brief about Tamara Ecclestone: By info that we know Tamara Ecclestone was born at 1984-06-28. And also Tamara Ecclestone is American Celebrity.

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My sister would say I'm a feeder because I like cooking for people.

Tags: Cooking, Sister

Not every woman has time to go to a salon and have her hair blow-dried every day.

Tags: Her, Time, Woman

On my foot it says, 'The best is yet to come,' and that's there because I really believe it.

Tags: Best, Foot, Says

People don't get my sense of humour.

Tags: Humour, Sense

Some people collect vintage cars, I collect Birkins. The leather ones are £20,000.

Tags: Cars, Leather, Vintage

There are so many misconceptions about me, and it gets frustrating no matter how thick skinned.

Tags: Matter, Skinned, Thick

We all need to slow down and go to acupuncture.

Tags: Slow

When I was younger I wanted to be a gymnast, but they have to be quite short - I was tall.

Tags: Quite, Short, Wanted

When I'm upset, everyone knows about it, and it's a selfish trait because everyone suffers.

Tags: Everyone, Knows, Selfish

When you are rich, people try to take advantage of you.

Tags: Advantage, Rich, Try

Without trust, you have nothing: trust is so important to me.

Tags: Trust

You don't find happiness by being able to buy everything you want, whenever you want it.

Tags: Able, Happiness, Whenever

I do think, even though you are a public figure, I do think you should be entitled to your privacy, and I do think that there are things that go on in relationships and behind closed doors that are completely private.

Tags: Behind, Public, Though

I don't need anyone to look after me financially and, while it's hard to trust that a man loves you for the right reasons, you have to take a leap of faith.

Tags: Faith, Hard, Trust

I want people to see that I'm a real person, I overreact, I cry, I'm emotional. If I come across as perfect and in control, that wouldn't be who I really am.

Tags: Control, Emotional, Real

I'm aware people will think I've had an easy way into a dream career. My view is, if anyone has opportunities, they'll take them. My surname opens doors, but those doors will slam firmly if I'm no good.

Tags: Career, Dream, Good

My dogs are spoilt for sure. They are pampered pooches. But I love them so much! I guess all dogs need to be washed, but maybe blueberry facials aren't essential. It's quite fun, though. You want to give your children everything; I don't have children, so I want my dogs to have a good life.

Tags: Good, Life, Love

There's a big difference between being privileged and being spoilt. My parents always said, 'Spoilt means ruined, and you're not ruined, just incredibly fortunate.'

Tags: Big, Parents, Said

As a woman, I believe you have to embrace your body, and feel beautiful both inside and out.

Tags: Beautiful, Body, Woman

At the end of the day, I'm not a bad person; I don't hurt anyone.

Tags: Bad, End, Hurt
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