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Theodore Bikel's Profile

Brief about Theodore Bikel: By info that we know Theodore Bikel was born at 1924-05-02. And also Theodore Bikel is Austrian Actor.

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I do prefer the stage. It's really the granddaddy of them all.

Tags: Granddaddy, Prefer, Stage

I have always striven to raise the voice of hope for a world where hate gives way to respect and oppression to liberation.

Tags: Hate, Hope, Respect

I know for certain of only one commandment, one obligation, that God imposes upon us, and that is to be compassionate toward other human beings.

Tags: God, Human, Toward

I make no claim that Jewish culture is superior to other cultures or that the Jewish song is better than the song of my neighbor.

Tags: Culture, Neighbor, Song

I prefer to choose which traditions to keep and which to let go.

Tags: Choose, Keep, Traditions

I remain convinced that I can be a true universalist only when I am a better Jew.

Tags: Convinced, Remain, True

I'm exceedingly proud of being an actor, but I never recommend it to anyone.

Tags: Actor, Anyone, Proud

If I have one vanity wish, it would be to direct. It's the only thing I haven't done yet that I would like to.

Tags: Done, Vanity, Wish

In my mind the city of Ariel is a thorn in Israel's side and a serious obstacle to peace.

Tags: Mind, Peace, Serious

No doubt, unity is something to be desired, to be striven for, but it cannot be willed by mere declarations.

Tags: Cannot, Doubt, Unity

No movement can afford to be caught in a time warp and exist in a state of suspended animation.

Tags: Exist, State, Time

On the stage you're there, it's live. There's a beginning, a middle, an end. When something is funny you hear it right away.

Tags: Away, End, Funny

Right up to the middle of this century all perceptions of the world around us were delivered via the bookshelf or the paper route.

Tags: Century, Middle, Paper

The play is always fresh to me. It's not the audience's fault that I've said the words before.

Tags: Audience, Said, Words

Throughout my life I have cared as deeply about the songs of all peoples as I have about the rights of all peoples.

Tags: Life, Rights, Songs

We Jews have a special attachment to the Book. The study of page after page in tomes yellowing with age was obligatory.

Tags: Age, Book, Special

When something is moving you get that intake of breath and that stillness from the audience.

Tags: Audience, Breath, Moving

You don't really need modernity in order to exist totally and fully. You need a mixture of modernity and tradition.

Tags: Exist, Order, Tradition

You learn more from the flops than from the hits.

Tags: Flops, Hits, Learn

You learn more from the flops than you do from the hits.

Tags: Flops, Hits, Learn